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Malaysia University of Science and Technology


MUST (Malaysia University of Science and Technology) was established in 2000 as a research based postgraduate university by the MUST Ehsan Foundation, a private non-profit organization/ assisted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, a world- renowned science and technology university. MUST is a global university that contributes significantly to Malaysia's development as a thriving international education hub.

MUST strives to meet both Malaysia and the region's need for high-quality graduates in the areas of science and technology, by conducting full-time programmes at the Master's level in various fields of study. All programmes and courses offered by MUST have been approved by the National Accreditation Board of Malaysia (LAN). MUST'S graduates are trained to conduct research to develop world-class indigenous technologies as well as to enhance their managerial and entrepreneurial qualities.

Academic Strengths

MUST is the nation's premier postgraduate university specializing in science and technology related programmes. MUST'S faculty members comprised experienced and dedicated Professors who have taught in established universities all over the world. Their energetic and research orientated teaching methods will cultivate and inspire students to become future leaders in the science and technology community.

Student population is a mixture of local and international graduates with diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The impressive list of past graduates are employed as qualified Design and Software Engineers, Marketing Analysts, IT and R&D Managers, and Sales and Management Consultants for multinational and national corporations across Malaysia.

The university, set up in 2000, was owned by MUST Ehsan Foundation headed by former Cabinet minister Effendi Norwawi.

Programme Outline

a) MSc Programmes

Information Technology (IT)

The MSc in IT programme aims to provide systems-level understanding of the breadth of topics that comprise IT and sufficient depth in one or more of those topics. Special emphasis is given to topics related to Net-centric computing and its role in systems and data integration. The programme also develops students' competencies in research and system design as well as the general systems thinking approach to development of IT solutions, Students are also given the option to enhance their understanding of a chosen application domain of interest.


The MSc in Biotechnology programme covers a wide range of areas/ from molecular biology to large scale bio-processing. Students will obtain a keen understanding of the principles of molecular biology bioprocess engineering, bioinformatics and the biotechnology business. This helps to prepare them for careers in academia and industry as well as to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

Transportation and Logistics

The MSc in Transportation and Logistics programme exposes students to the theoretical and analytical tools deemed important for the management and planning of transportation and logistics systems. Graduates of the programme will be prepared for careers in academics, government or managerial and planning positions in a variety of industries dealing with people and product transportation as well as product distribution/logistics.

Construction Engineering and Management

The MSc in Construction Engineering and Management programme exposes students to the theoretical and analytical tools, deemed important for the management and planning of large construction projects. The programme is designed for professionals from backgrounds such as engineering, architecture, and business who are involved in the construction industry.

Materials Science and Engineering

The MSc in Materials Science and Engineering programme exposes students to the theoretical foundations that are important in the science and engineering of materials. The courses offered combine the disciplines of physics, chemistry and engineering of materials which will prepare students for advanced work in selected areas such as nano-and bio-materials,

Energy and Environment

The MSc in Energy and Environment programme provides students with a strong theoretical and practical background for careers in Energy and Environment in fields such as electricity, oil and gas, energy efficiency, renewable energy, environmental management, and others. The programme updates students with cutting-edge new energy technologies, Students develop an understanding of science and engineering foundations behind energy conversion, delivery and use, physical processes governing transportation and environment pollution and quantitative analytical tools within which can greatly improve policy and planning decisions involving energy and the environment,

Systems Engineering and Management

The MSc in Systems Engineering and Management programme provides students with the theoretical and analytical tools deemed important for the understanding, management and planning of large engineering systems. It is designed mainly for professionals from backgrounds such as engineering, science and business who are employed in large organisations using large and complex production and operation systems in a variety of industries

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b) PhD Programmes


The PhD in Biotechnology programme provides students with advanced knowledge in key areas of this field and covers recent developments in life science research, bioinformatics, microbiology biochemistry and systems biology PhD students develop independent research projects contributing to the Biotechnology field under their faculty's supervision.

All our graduates will participate in research groups in rotation to gain a deeper appreciation for work at the frontier of this field. This enables them to participate in many areas of research such as biology cell biology developmental biology, human genetics and many others.

Transportation and Logistics

The PhD in Transportation and Logistics programme provides opportunities for students to conduct in-depth research in specialised areas while maintaining a reasonable breadth of knowledge in the dynamic field of transportation and logistics. This programme also offers sufficient flexibility to students to develop programmes of study and research, that cross traditional disciplinary and departmental boundaries that are necessary to tackle the increasingly inter-disciplinary nature of transportation and logistics issues and problems.

Academic Facilities and Resources

MUST'S excellent facilities include lecture rooms/ halls and research laboratories that are well-equipped with audio visual aids, including LCD projectors and high end workstations and computers.

Our fully-networked campus uses the latest network technology with high-bandwidth links for data transfer and video streaming which is connected to the Internet with a 2 megabits per second (Mbps) leased line giving high-speed Internet access for students and staff at anytime.

The MUST library contains printed, digitized magazines and journals as well as books relevant to the programmes at MUST. The library's computer workstations are equipped with high performance Internet connection and wireless network facility for individual study and project work. The online learning resources are accessible anywhere and anytime.

The library operates with an integrated computerized library management system, allowing students to search and locate materials in physical format and also view some of these on their computers. Certain libraries throughout the world are accessible through the MUST library homepage at http://library.must.

A cozy and spacious student lounge is located on the 2nd floor where students can take a break or conduct study discussions.

Student Support Services and Student Development Activities

A student council was established in 2003 to represent all the MUST students. The council arranges various types of sporting and social activities.

The Student Affairs Personnel of MUST assists Malaysian and foreign students in their accommodation needs.

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