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History of International Islamic University Malaysia

International Islamic University, Malaysia was built around the concept of the "Garden of Knowledge and Virtue" in 1983. It has since become one of the prominent universities, not only in Malaysia, also internationally. Over the last 20 years, the university has been host to students from more than 92 countries. The university's uniqueness lies in its philosophy and curricula, which combine rigorous academic programs with Islamic social and moral values. The majority of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs are in the fields of Management, Engineering, Law, Science, Medicine, Education and Architecture. The University's modern campus was officially opened in April 2001. Situated at the foot of the Gombak hillside, it is about 10 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.

The campus occupies an area of 288 hectares. The purpose built campus offers a complete range of facilities that includes on-campus housing, a large library with on-line access, a 24-hour clinic, cafeterias, auditoriums, communication facilities, computer labs, teaching and research labs, convenience stores, a post office and two banks. The university also provides various sports facilities such as an Olympic size swimming pool, two sport complexes, football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts etc. Similar facilities are also available on the IIUM's two other branch campuses situated in Kuantan, Pahang and Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The university currently has a student enrolment totaling 16,000.

The IIUM Management Centre, located adjacent to the Faculty of Economics and Management Science's building, was established in 1993. It offers excellent teaching facilities and a capable faculty. The faculty members teaching at the Centre hold doctoral qualifications. Many also had prior experience in the private sector before joining academia. They have also been active in research and consultancy. The Centre offers two master degree programs namely the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Management (MMgt). The Centre's objective is to prepare the business leaders of the future and aims at giving its students a rigorous, well-structured programme covering a range of business skills.

The Centre is committed to building a distinctive approach to the study of management which embraces both the development and dissemination of knowledge that reflects:
an integrated approach that links all the disciplines in business management and emphasizes in developing problem solving skills;
the international dimension of management
a quality of education equal to the best available in North America but with an emphasis on Islamic ethics and values.

JAN. 12, 1982 - The decision to establish an International Islamic University in Malaysia was made known by the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in Kuala Lumpur.

FEB. 12, 1982 - The concept paper for the establishment of the International Islamic University Malaysia was approved by the Prime Minister and the Malaysian Cabinet under the supervision of the Minister of Education, Dato' Dr. Sulaiman Daud. A Steering Committee was set up to coordinate the establishment of International Islamic University Malaysia.

1982 - Professor Dr. Ariffin Suhaimi of the University of Pertanian was appointed by the Minister of Education to be the coordinator of the project.

AUG. 1982 - The 13th O.I.C Islamic Foreign Ministers' meeting held in Niamey, Niger endorsed Malaysia's proposal for the establishment of the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

MAY 1983 - Several countries from the Organizations of Islamic Conference (O.I.C) agreed to co-sponsor the establishment of International Islamic University Malaysia.

MAY 10, 1983 - The International Islamic University Malaysia was officially established.

MAY 20, 1983 - International Islamic University Malaysia obtained its establishment Order from H.M. The King of Malaysia.

MAY 27, 1983 - International Islamic University Malaysia Board of Governors held its first meeting.

JUL. 1, 1983 - HRH The Sultan of Pahang was appointed as the first Constitutional Head of the University.

JUL. 15, 1983 - First intake of 153 students.

SEP. 3, 1983 - The Right Honourable Tun Hussien Onn was appointed as the first President of the University.

SEP. 16, 1983 - University Senate was established.

DEC. 1, 1983 - Prof. Dr. Abdul Rauf from Egypt was appointed as the first Rector of the University.

JUL. 17, 1988 - Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim, as the Minister of Education, was appointed as the 2nd President of the University after the demise of Tun Hussein Onn.

DEC. 1, 1988 - Dr. Abdul Hamid A. Sulayman from Saudi Arabia was appointed as the 2nd Rector of the University.

AUG. 1993 - Dato' Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad laid the foundation stone of the IIUM Gombak Campus.

DEC. 1996 - The Kulliyyah of Laws in Gombak Campus was completed.

JAN. 1997 - The Kulliyyah of Economics & Management Sciences and Kulliyyah of Engineering were transferred to Gombak Campus.

1998 - The Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences was transferred to the Gombak Campus.

JUL. 1, 1999 - Dato' Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak was appointed as the 3rd President of the University.

APR. 5, 1999 - Prof. Mohd. Kamal Hassan was appointed as the 3rd Rector of the University.

JAN. 2000 - The Kulliyyah of Architecture & Environmental Design was transferred to Gombak Campus.

MAR. 1, 2000 - Tan Seri Dato' Seri Sanusi Junid was appointed as the 4th President of the IIUM.


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