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Malaysian Institute of Art
Bangunan Utama - 294, 295, 296, 297, 298 & 299,
Jalan Bandar 11, Taman Melawati,
53100 Kuala Lumpur,
WP Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone No.
03-4108 8100
Fax No.
03-4108 1543


Malaysian Institute of Art

1 Diploma In Fine Art 90 13/04/2002 - 12/04/2007
2 Diploma in Fine Art 90 13/04/2007 - 12/04/2012
3 Diploma in Fine Art 90 Starting 13/04/2012
4 Diploma In Graphic Design 90 13/04/2002 - 12/04/2007
5 Diploma in Graphic Design 90 13/04/2007 - 11/10/2012
6 Diploma in Graphic Design 91 Starting 12/10/2012
7 Diploma In Illustration 90 13/04/2002 - 12/04/2007
8 Diploma in Illustration 90 13/04/2007 - 11/10/2012
9 Diploma in Illustration 91 Starting 12/10/2012
10 Diploma In Industrial Design 90 13/04/2002 - 12/04/2007
11 Diploma in Industrial Design 90 13/04/2007 - 12/10/2012
12 Diploma in Industrial Design 90 Starting 13/10/2012
13 Diploma In Interior Design 90 12/04/2002 - 11/04/2007
14 Diploma in Interior Design 90 12/04/2007 - 11/04/2012
15 Diploma in Interior Design 93 Starting 12/04/2012
16 Diploma In Music 90 12/04/2002 - 11/04/2007
17 Diploma In Music 90 12/04/2007 - 11/04/2012
18 Diploma in Music 90 Starting 12/04/2012
19 Diploma In Textile & Fashion Design 90 12/04/2002 - 11/04/2007
20 Diploma in Textile and Fashion Design 90 13/04/2007 - 11/10/2012
21 Diploma in Textile and Fashion Design 90 Starting 12/10/2012



The field of art and design creatively expresses emotions and ideas through tangible objects and illustrations. Though the appreciation of art is often subjective, it is a powerful form of communication that has the ability to provoke, influence and inspire. In the digital era, art and design is integrated into almost every facet of our lives from paintings to advertising, to ordinary household objects.

Despite being one of the most ancient practices, art and design encourages innovation, and is considered to be a modern and exciting course to pursue. Qualifications in art and design equip a person to work in various industries such as manufacturing, photography, advertising, teaching, web development, publishing, video game design, fashion, film, the list goes on.

With the tradition of art and design dating back hundreds of years, the UK continues to become a hub for a veritable who's who of names in this area - people who have reached the pinnacle of their profession in art, fashion, design and animation many times over, from acclaimed designer Jimmy Choo to the 'Prince of fashion' Bernard Chandran.

It stands to reason, therefore, that the UK provides good quality courses and an excellent study environment for students in Malaysia. There are a number of programmes to choose from that encompass design areas such as product packaging, automobiles, furniture, architecture, ceramics, textiles, fashion, graphic design and animation. Students will also be equipped with other skill sets such as the ability to understand and interpret art, and the acquisition of business acumen through additional subjects such as philosophy, sociology or history, and business subjects.

Studying a UK qualification provides you with access to a curriculum and teaching methodology designed to provide you with a high quality education. Aside from the course content, students will also pick up leadership, communication, teamwork and problem solving skills as they work with different individuals and assignments.

Typically, students can study subjects such as:

• animation • brand packaging design • professional design • digital graphics • fashion and textiles • art and design.

Malaysia has a demand for people trained in the arts and design. There are multiple industries looking for independent, reliant and forthcoming graduates of the right calibre. A relevant UK qualification presented to a potential employer shows that you have indeed achieved the necessary skills to set yourself apart from the chasing pack and that you are ready for the next challenge.

Malaysian Institute of Art

Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) endeavors to provide affordable and quality education in creative arts by providing a conducive environment for the students to develop their creative potentials and strive for artistic excellence. Founded in 1967 as a non-profit making organization, the Institute has trained thousands of professional artists, designers and musicians for the local and overseas creative industries.

Academic Strengths

The Institute is equipped with a team of lecturers who not only possess minimum qualifications of BA from local and foreign Universities but also with vast practical creative experiences in their relevant fields.

All the courses place strong emphasis on the mastery of creative and practical skills, in-depth inquires of knowledge, conceptual development and critical thinking.

MIA graduates are well sought after by design firms and related industries at home, in Singapore and overseas. Employability of graduates is over 90%.

Programme Outline

Today, the following 3-Year Diploma courses are offered:

• Graphic Design (Double Major in Multimedia and Graphic Design)

• Illustration

• Fine Art

• Interior Design

• Industrial Design

• Textile & Fashion Design

• Music

Academic Facilities

• The MIA computer lab is equipped with the latest hardware including Apple PowerMac G5, Pentium 4 Processor 3.2 and Color Laser Printer, and the latest software including Adobe Creative Suites Ver, 1, Adobe Type Manager Ver. 4.1, Adobe Premiere Pro Ver. 1.5, Adobe After Effects Ver.6.5, Macromedia Studio MX 2004, Macromedia Director MX, Lightwave 3D 8.0, AutoCAD 2005, Kinetics 3D Studio Max (Ver.6), The Adobe Font Folio 1.0 (Mac and PC) and Software Doc. And CD set. Adobe and Macromedia.

• A library with a large collection of books, periodicals in Art, Design and Music. Internet facilities are also available.

• Art gallery showcasing creative works in art and design.

• A mini concert hall for Music students' performance.

• Student common rooms with television, game sets and reading materials.

• Air-conditioned design studios and class rooms

• Accommodation is easily available in the neighborhood.

• Easily accessible by public transportation.

Student Support Services

The Institute has created a very conducive learning environment where students of different disciplines are able to interact and learn from each other in their daily campus life and extra-mural activities such as concerts, orientation events, creative competition and games. Students can also use the recreational facilities in a nearby community club under special arrangement. The Student Affairs Department assists the students in accommodation matters and disseminates information on employment to all the students.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

15 full scholarships are awarded through the annual Nationwide Art & Design Competition and 5 full-scholarships are awarded through Dong Jiau Zhong. 9 full and partial scholarships are awarded through MIA Music Competition in alternate year. Financial aid is also available for deserving or needy students to pursue their studies in MIA. The Institute also assists students in applying for study loans from PTPTN, SOCSO, MIED, etc. if they qualify.  


Strong International Links

MIA has established links with prestigious universities and colleges in UK, Australia, New Zealand and China where MIA graduates may proceed to complete their B.A. Degree programmes for a minimum of one year through advanced placement or credit transfer. The uniqueness of this 3t1 study programme with MIA linked universities is to enable students to save time and cost to pursue their B.A. degrees overseas. It is the most ideal partway to obtain a well-balanced education which combines the Malaysian and overseas learning experience and exposure.

Latest Achievements

MIA students have won may awards and prizes in competitions in 2006 and 2007. Mentioned below are just a few recent ones:

> MIECO Designers' Choice Award 2007 (Student Category)

2nd prize, 3rd prize won by Interior students Ang Kwang Yean and Desmond Foo Tze Lik respectively.

> Piala Seri Endon Batik Design Competition 2006

MIA students have again done well by winning the following prizes:

> Malaysian Central Region Singing Competition 2006

Organized by Nantah Association, Ms Cheng Xiao Teng, semester 6 music student won the 1 st prize.

> Lily Oncology on Canvas

Fashion student G.Ouddhena Eronigco was selected to exhibit her works under the Theme "Lily Oncology on Canvas" on 3rd Nov. 2006 at the Royal College of Art, London.

> Art Major Asian (AMA) 2006 Full Scholarship Awards

(offered by the Korean National University of Arts) Awarded to Ms Low Hsin Yin (The offer covers return airfares, tuition fees, board and lodging).

> Tanjung Heritage 2006 Competition

Yap Jun Hing, a graphic design student won a consolation prize in pencil category

> SEBELAS 2006-Malaysian Society of Interior Designers

Interior Design Students Tan Kuang Meng was awarded the 2nd prize in Exhibition Design Competition,

> "1st Young Designer Idol competition"

Wilyson Janto won the 3rd Prize

> "Installation Design Competition"

2nd Prize winners are Ang Kwang Yeaa Ng Chun Hong.Yang Suk Ming, Juan Tan Lion Chai, Chew Zee Bin, Chen Yee Mun, Desmond Foo, Nurhazlinda bte Abu Samah, Ong Shi Ting & Lee Sow Yoong (in-group).

> Choral Speaking Competition

1 st Prize winners are MIA students Wilyson Janto, Syazana Binti Ismail, Teoh Yin Chiea Loshini Danappal, Sean Lim wai Sheong, Phang Soak Yee, Wong Pui Lin, Tan Lee Yin, Lim Fang Chin, & Martha Margaretha Lim (in-group).

> College Placard Design Competition

2nd Prize winners are Tarn Tong Lim & Seah Sok Yee.

> Malaysian International Fashion Award (MIFA) 2006

Fashion Student Kaxt Chong Yip Seong emerged as 1 of 8 finalists.

> Hong Kong International Youth and Children's Festival 2006

Mr. James Long Cai Hunt a graduating student had emerged as the best vocalist.

> At Hong Kong International Youth & Children's Choir Festival

(held at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre & Hong Kong City Hall)

The Malaysian Institute of Art's Ladies Chorus comprising music students were awarded a silver ranking in the Contemporary Category in 2006.

> South Malaysia Regional Singing Competition

Ms. Chin Yen Lin, a Semester 5 student had won the first prize as well as 1st runner-up for the solo vocalist category.

> Midi 2006 International Competition

Gold prize won by Ng Shu Hui from Interior Design Department & consolation prize won by Chee Kok Lam from Industrial Design Department.


> HDA InteriCAD ID Award 2006

1 st Prize RM1,500 and a set of interiCAD software won by Kelly Leong Fong Yen.

> 2006 International Students' Workshop

Organized by Sozosha College of Design, Japan Interior Design students Lee Jack Sun awarded a 1 st Prize & Lai Xiao Fan awarded a 3rd Prize

> Piala Sen Endon Batik Design Competition 2005

In 2005, the students and recent graduates of Malaysian Institute of Art had demonstrated their creative excellence in a major competition, the Piala Seri Endon Batik Design Competition 2005. They competed with professional designers neck-to- neck and captured most of the prizes in all the three categories. Student Soh Kim Soon, Tan Bee Chia and Von Keh Mun won the 1st prize (RM30/000 and a trophy) in the Soft Furnishing category. Their winning entry entitled "Sprite of the Ocean" showed innovative approach and originality. The 2nd prize (RM10,000 plus a trophy) in the Soft Furnishing category was won by students Tan Been Ting, Teo Jen Hui and Kim Suk Sia. Recent graduates Josephine Lam Soh Kuan took the 3rd prize (RM5/000 plus a trophy) and Yap Swee Yee won a consolation prize (RMI/OOO) in the Fashion category

Students Kiu Suk Sia, Tan Been Ting and Teo Jen Hui also captured the 2nd prize (RM10,000 plus a trophy) in the Handicraft category Recent graduates Lo Chia Hua, Ling Chung Yiew and the Starry group Chua Guan Heng and Soh Pao Li have also won a consolation prize (RM1,000) each in the handicraft category

SID Student Design Competition

1st prize won by Interior Design student Leong Fong Yen and 3rd prize won by Ooi Nen Sheng

PDM Student Financial Assistance Award

(RM2500/- each) Interior Design student Ng Chun Hong, Tarn Tong Urn and Shim Pel Lun were selected as recipients for the above financial assistance awards.

Malaysian Institute of Art (535370 K)

Institut Seni Lukis Malaysia
294-299, Jalan Bandar 11,   Taman Melawati, 53100,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: +603-41088100       Fax: +603-41081543


Music Department

213 Jalan Negara 2,   Taman Melawati,
53100 Kuala Lumpur,   Malaysia.

Tel: +603-41064697      Fax: +603-41068264

Diploma in Graphic Design — Accredited by LAN

The objective of the three-year course is to prepare students wishing to pursue professional careers in the graphic communication industry. Its aim is to train competent graphic designers who are capable of meeting the client’s demands by providing the appropriate design solutions in their work place.

All students will learn manual skills and exploration of conventional and contemporary media in communication design. The course incorporates areas such as advertising, corporate identity, illustration, computer graphics and photography in communication design. The students will be trained to master the skills of advanced computer software applications and equipped with IT-based knowledge. But above all, the emphasis is placed on the quality of inventiveness and critical thinking.

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