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4 Types of Nursing Colleges in Malaysia


Nursing Colleges of PUBLIC hospitals.

43 Government Nursing Colleges

Characteristics required of a nurse :

Gentle and soft spoken
Caring and considerate
Committed and dedicated
Good communication skills
Able to think critically
Open minded, positive thinking
Able to work in a team

Aseana College of Health Sciences

Aseana International College of Health Sciences
No.2 Lorong 4, Sembulan Arcade, Sembulan 88100 Kota Kinabalu,Sabah
Tel No:088-212415/416/417 Fax no.088-212418

Aseana International College
Aseana College

Diploma in Nursing

The Diploma in Nursing is a 3 year full-time programme. It prepares students to be a qualified Registered Nurse. The emphasis of this programme is on the 'Art' of nursing (Caring) for individuals with health problems. The 'Science' of nursing is intergrated in the programme to enable the students to understand the rational of care given to patients.

Malaysian citizens aged 18 years old & above.
Minimum 5 credits in SPM inclusive of, (Mathematics, Science, and any 3 subjects).
Pass in Bahasa Malaysia & English Language.
Physically and mentally fit.
PTPTN loan available.


Aseana Allied Sciences College is one of the premier institutions offering allied health programmes in Sabah, East Malaysia.

Aseana Allied Sciences College is located at two (2) campuses, the main and administrative centre is at Sembulan, and the other is a kilometre away from the main campus. The campuses are easily accessible and are equipped with state of the art infrastructure and facilities with modern clinical and science laboratories. The comprehensive infrastructure enables students to study in comfort while its faculty of dedicated academic staff maintains the standard of quality education.

The Nirwana Education Group places great emphasis on research and development (R&D) in order to play an effective role in producing the nation’s much needed knowledge workers, adhering to the general directions of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Aseana College Kota Kinabalu has 700 students at the moment and 10 government hospitals as partners for industrial training.

The College is offering a three-year Diploma in Nursing Programm and will open registration for its new intake next month.

Aseana International College of Health Sciences

1 Diploma in Nursing Studies 723 (Nursing and Caring)

School of Allied Sciences

1. Diploma in Nursing Programme
A 3 year full-time programme prepares students to be qualified registered nurses. The emphasis is on the art of nursing for individuals with health problems. The science of nursing is integrated in the programme to enable the students to understand the rationale of care givens to patients.

2. Diploma In Physiotherapy
Diploma in physiotherapy provides you an academic qualification and a practicing license to help the needful disabled to restore their functionalities. The 3 years Diploma program covers over 1,000 hours in hands-on practical sessions and an extensive theoretical study. From the vary basic of learning human kinesiology (study of human movement).

With the new international realities of migration, advance in communication technology and worldwide nursing shortage, educating and preparing a diverse nursing workforce have become a critical priority.

Health system today throughout the world is being challenged by inequities in quality and quantity of services and by reduced financial resources.

Nirwana Academy Group of Colleges:

1) Nirwana College, Kuala Lumpur (KP) (BPSG) 5195/341(25),

2) Windfield International College, Kuala Lumpur (KP (JPS) 5195/IPTS/1280),

3) Nightingale International College, Seremban (KP(JPS)5195/IPTS/1173 and

4) Aseana College, Kota Kinabalu (KP(BPSG) 5195/560

The group specialized in  Nursing, Physiotherapy, Law, Business and IT programmes.

The Aseana International College gives personalized attention for individual training needs.

Procedure to Enroll Local Students
Entry Requirement

1) Nursing - 3 credits in SPM with a pass in Bahasa Malaysia, English And Mathematics or Science
2) Physiotherapy - 3 credits in SPM/ O-Level, 10th Standard, Grade 10 or equivalent

Required Documents
- Photographs (passport size)
- Diploma In Nursing - 5 copies
- Other programmes – 2 copies
- Certified copies of SPM Certificate (2 copies)
- Certified copies of other academic certificate (STPM/A Level/Diploma) etc
- Certified copies of the NRIC (2 copies)
- Certified copies of Parents/Guardian’s latest salary slip or pension card
- Certified copies of Identity Cards of parents
- Photocopy of the SSPN account card
- Medical Report – for Diploma in Nursing students only