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Sipitang district headquarter is :
1- Sipitang Town

Sipitang district is further divided into 3 sub-districts:
1- Mesapol
2- Sindumin Town - 0.5 hour by road from Sipitang Town
3- Melamam

1- Mesapol sub-district comprises at least 14 villages, which includes Kampung Melalia, Kampung Lubok Darat and Kampung Naluyan.

2- Sindumin sub-district has 22 villages, among others are Kampung Mengalong, Kampung Banting and Kampung Siputol.

3- Malamam sub-district consists of at least 20 villages, e.g. Randulang, Long Mio and Long Pasia.[3]



Pineapples and Durian

Sipitang and Sindumin are famous forpineapple and durian during fruiting season,

Other local fruits that grow well in the area also available like :
mata kucing,
water melon,
honey melon

Wednesday and Thursday it is the Tamu Sipitang (local flea market that sells local produce)

The Tamu is along the road side in the town area.


Travelers stopped by at Sipitang Town for refreshment and food and accommodation because there is not much facilities at the Sindumin boarder town.

Sabah Forest Industries


Sabah Forest Industries is along the Sipitang-Sindumin Road.

This is the only paper factory in Sabah.


Marintaman Beach in Sipitang


The sealed road to the beach is not far.

At the junction of Sipitang Town and Marintaman Beach, there is a school beside the junction.

From Marintaman Beach is nice view of the Sipitang Town.



Attraction around Sipitang
Bukit Rimau
Long Pasia
Maga Waterfall of Long Pasia
Taman Kerangas
Ulu Padas


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