Kuching Waterfront

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Street performers at Kuching Waterfront
Street performers at Kuching Waterfront


The riverside is a tourist attraction. The local town planners has developed the waterfront into a casual entertainment center, with cafes, pubs and restaurants and foodstalls.

The Kuching Riverside comes to live in the late afternoon, when the sun has lost some of its fierce noonday heat.

On weekend evenings, it is especially popular with families out for a stroll. The street performers are mostly young teenage locals came from the nearby villages or kampongs situated across the river.

Some of them would set up their drums; their electric guitars connected to speakers, playing their favorite local and international songs like picture above.

A few of them would just bring their acoustic guitar and perform themselves just to make a quick buck for their pocket money.

The Kuching riverside waterfront in the evening, is a vibrant, colorful, and melodic place to hang out.

Crowds of people in front street performers at Kuching Waterfront
Crowds of people in front street performers at Kuching Waterfront

Kuching Waterfront

Kuching Waterfront

Kuching Waterfront is a place for the people. A place to enjoy, to entertain and be entertained.

Officially opened in 1993 and stretching approximately 1.3 km, with a riverside walk linking the hotel precinct with downtown Kuching, the Waterfront is 'self-contained' with facilities for entertainment, refreshment, relaxation, cultural enjoyment and arts appreciation.


1994 - National Project Award in the Civic Design Category
(Awarded by the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture)

1994 - Merit Award in the Overseas Category
(Awarded by the Royal Australian Institute of Architecture)

1994 - Excellence on the Waterfront/ Waterfront Centre Annual Award
(Awarded by the Waterfront Centre, USA)

Kuching Water Front in the year 1957


Sarawak River was the city's main highway and still retains its importance and picturesque charm in the modern Kuching City.





1870 年的州元首府(Astana) 是由二座古堡連接三座建築物合成的,是砂勞越第一代白人拉者詹姆士送給第二代拉者查理士布洛克的結婚禮物。

ASTANA 是一座非常漂亮的建筑物,它由三栋别墅合成,中间以一条走廊将别墅连接在一起。

这座建筑物建于 1870 年,是 RAJAH CHARLES BROOKE 建了当作“爱的植物”,送给其爱妻 RANEE MARGARET 。




古晋河滨公园, 现在转变成为一个美丽的河畔,她也是古晋重要的旅游胜地。她沿着伸展着现代的雕刻,露天的剧场,交响乐的喷水池和一些历史的建筑物。


砂勞越最老的廟 - 有200多年歷史的壽山亭福德祠「大伯公廟」。




瑪格烈達古堡 (Fort Margherita)建於1878年,現為警察博物館,收藏自年l841年以來的軍火武器,軍警制服、鴉片煙槍等,整個婆羅洲的冶安史,都完整的保留在館內。

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