Main Bazaar is more then a popular place to buy traditional souvenir, handicrafts and antiques. It is also an excellent example of Chinese shop house architecture.

The most popular place for Souvenir Shopping is The Main Bazaar opposite Kuching Waterfront nearby to the Sarawak Tourism Complex.
The Main Bazaar is one of Kuching's oldest street dated back to 1864.
Known as the 'antique arcade' not only the 2 storey shop-houses are old but also these shops distribute a large collection of antiques and handicrafts.

The Main Bazaar is an example of the Chinese shop house architecture, many of them occupied by the same Chinese families for generations.
The place is surely a must go for tourist if they want to hunt for local souvenirs of many items to choose from.
Tourist are always seen buying large native handicrafts such as wooden crafted native shield and jewellery.

The most popular temple in Kuching is the Tua Pek Kong temple along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman which is the oldest tokong cina in the city.
The temple is built back in 1843 opposite the old temple is the Chinese History Museum (Muzium Sejarah Cina). The museum displays some history of the Chinese community in Kuching and Sarawak in general, tracing their heritage from various migration origins in mainland China.

Main Bazaar along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman is a must-visit in many travel itineraries. Main Bazaar showcases almost similar characteristics of the old shop houses on Carpenter Street and Leboh Cina, with fancy souvenir outlets a norm than an exception.
Jalan Carpenter, parallel to Main Bazaar, has a similar selection of small traders and coffee shops, as well as food stalls and two small Chinese temples. The whole area oozes charm and character. Off Leboh China (Upper China St.) there is a row of perfectly preserved 19th century Chinese houses.

Main Bazaar : Kuching's oldest streets dating back to 1864 is a row of 2 storey shop houses. Today it is considered as an 'antique arcade' because of its old-fashioned facade and for the variety of antiques and handicrafts sold here. Souvenir-hunters can seek out an assortment of traditional brassware, pottery, ceramics, tribal arts and many unique souvenirs of Asia.

The ornately decorated Tua Pek Kong Temple is opposite the waterfront, and is the oldest Chinese temple in Kuching. It is believed to be dated from 1843. The Wang Kang Annual festival to commemorate the dead is held here.

Main Bazaar, opposite the Waterfront, is the oldest street and the heart of old Kuching. It has some superb examples of Chinese shop house architecture, many of which have been occupied by the same family for generations. These families still pursue traditional occupations such as tin-smiting, carpentry and petty trading.
Kuching's best antique and handicraft shops are found here, and shoppers can rest between bargaining sessions in a number of old-fashioned coffee shops with paneled walls and marble-topped tables.

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