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Sibu Airport
Sibu Airport

Sibu airport can accommodate medium-sized passenger jets.

Lower Rajang River at Sibu City

Places of interest in

Night Market

Enjoy a dinner of local dishes and delicacies at the vibrant Night Market located along Jalan Market. Open daily from 5.00pm till 10.00pm.

You can get  delicious Chinese food and Malay delicacies. This night market in Sibu is the liveliest in Sarawak.

Rajang Esplanade

Rajang Esplanade is an attractive 200 meters landscaped waterfront stretching from Express Boat Passenger Terminal at Jalan Khoo Png Loong to Kingwood Inn Hotel at Jalan Maju. The Esplanade includes the Hii’s Association Playground. Courting couples, anglers, al-fresco diners and sightseers flock here every evening to enjoy the riverfront scenery and view the Swan Statue, the emblem of Sibu. A great place to enjoy the scenic view of the mighty Rajang in the evening.

Swan Statue at Rajang Esplanade
The Swan Statue is Sibu's emblem located just at before Kingwood Hotel.

Sibu Gateway
This symbolic ‘gateway’ to the town of Sibu is located on Jalan Kampung Nyabor includes :
1- illuminated fountains,
2- an open air stage,
3- Lin’s Garden - features the 2nd swan statues, guarded by the 12 Zodiac.

Lins Clan Swan Garden
The Ling Clan Swan Garden which was completed in July 2005 is a joint effort between Sarawak Ling Clan Association and Sibu Municipal Council is located next to Sibu Gateway at Kampong Nyabor.

Central Market of Sibu
The largest and most interesting market in Sarawak.

The market housed various food stalls with exotic fruits, jungle produce and native handicrafts. Chinese poultry sellers who offer their live chickens and ducks neatly wrapped up in tubes fashioned from old newspapers. Sibu Municipal Council combined the former wet market and the native Lembangan market into this clean and hygienic new surroundings.

Goddess of Mercy Pagoda
of Tua Pek Kong Temple
Located north of the esplanade, at the top of the pagoda provides 360 view of Sibu town and the Rejang riverfront. Next to the pagoda is the Tua Pek Kong Temple. The 100-year old Tua Pek Kong Temple is the oldest and best-preserved Chinese temple in Sibu. The adjacent 7-storey Goddess of Mercy (Kuan Yin) Pagoda was added in 1987, and is said to be one of the most perfectly proportioned pagodas outside Mainland China.
Malaysia largest urban square...
The Sibu Town Square

This 32 acres town square is regularly used for concerts and cultural activities. It is also the venue for the annual Borneo Cultural Festival, a week long festival held in July every year features cultural performances of Sarawak ethnic groups.

Sibu Heritage Trail

Sibu sightseeing in a day is not enough if your really want to see and enjoy the sight and sound of Sibu. Beside those places of interest within the town centre.

Bukit Aup Jubilee Park

A winner of 1998 National Landscaping competition. Bukit Aup Jubilee Park is 15 minutes journey from Sibu town. This 24 acre public park is popular place for relaxation, recreational activities and sight seeing. The park is equipped with lookout tower, picnic huts, a canteen, a suspension bridge and also jogging and walking trails. It is the venue for the Jubli Perak Run held in first week of May.

Wong Nai Siong Memorial Garden

The Wong Nai Siong Memorial Garden is located at the site of the earliest Chinese settlement, Sungai Merah, was built to honor the town's principal founder Reverend Wong Nai Siong. The park is 10 minutes journey from Sibu town. Sungai Merah is also a heritage site linking Sungai Merah Bazaar with Sibu Lake Garden via tree covered jogging and cycling track.

Ku Tien Memorial Park

A join effort between Kutien Association of Sibu and Sibu Municipal Council, which was completed in July 2004 was built to honor the contribution of Chinese Kutien Clan community to the development of Sibu, located at Jalan Bukit Lima, Upper Lanang. Featuring a solid pagoda structures among others.

The Civic Centre Heritage Mini-Museum

Located at Jalan Tun Abang Haji Openg  is 20 minutes drive taxi from town centre. The Centre which housed a fine collection of antiques artifacts, cultural exhibits on the various ethnic groups and pictorial history of Sibu Chinese migration.

Open from 10.30 am till 5.30pm on Tuesday till Sunday. Free admission

Century Inn 世紀大酒店
Budget accommodation in Sibu 詩巫


Swarn Statue

at Rajang Esplanade

The Swan Statue is Sibu's emblem located just at before the Kingwood Hotel. Also within the waterfront is the Hii's Association Playground. It a great place to enjoy the scenic view of the Mighty Rajang in the evening.

Rajang Esplanade is beside Rajang River at Jalan Maju.

Located here is also the magnificent Swan Statue, the emblem of Sibu, always the spot for a good photo ops
It is located along Maju Road and strategically facing the Sungai Rejang (Rajang River), the longest river in Malaysia.


The Waterfront of Sibu
The Waterfront of Sibu

Sibu Central Market 詩巫中央市場 PASAR SENTRAL SIBU
Sibu Central Market is the biggest indoor market in Malaysia

詩巫永安亭大伯公廟Sibu Eng Ann Teng Tua Peh Kong Temple
Goddess of Mercy Pagoda 七層觀音塔 7-storey Pagoda Goddess of Mercy of Tua Pek Kong Temple

Masland Methodist Church 福源堂
Jalan Pulau, 96000 Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia
Largest and newest church in Sibu.

Wisma Vasty, Sibu Sarawak
Wisma Sanyan -Wisma Sanyan is the tallest building in the state of Sarawak.The building has the capacity to hold 10,000 people at any single time. The building is also the 48th tallest building in Malaysia.

興化墾場紀念廣場 Hin Hua Memorial Park
Hin Hua Memorial Park
Hin Hua Centennial Memorial Garden

Hing Hua Settlement
Sibu has other urban and suburban parks such as
1- Kutien Memorial Garden,
2- Hin Hua Memorial Park, and
3- Permai Lake Garden.
The Hin Hua Memorial Park is established by Sibu Heng Hua community where their earliest arrival in Sibu was in 1911.

Sibu Night Market
Sibu Night Market

The vibrant Night Market (Jalan Market, between Jalan Lintang and Jalan Bengkel) sets up every afternoon around 5pm and operates until 10pm.

The stalls offer all manners of household goods, footwear, fashion items, and of course food.

Cakes, steamed buns, satay, pastries, dumplings and many other kinds of local delicacies are on sale here, with shoppers happily snacking as they wander from stall to stall.

Tua Pek Kong Temple 詩巫永安亭大伯公廟
Goddess of Mercy Pagoda
Tua Pek Kong Temple 詩巫永安亭大伯公廟

The Goddess of Mercy Pagoda which is located north of the esplanade provide you a 360 view of Sibu town and it's surrounding area. Next to the pagoda is the Tua Pek Kong Temple. Not far is the Chinese Opera Stage.

Built in 1897 by immigrant Chinese workers, this temple overlooking the mighty Rajang River commands an outstanding position with the dominating Pagoda in the background. Located on Jalan Temple, this famous landmark is a centre for worshippers for more than a century and is one of the best preserved Chinese temples in Sibu. At the entrance on the Temple, are praying tables, complete with huge joss sticks, burning all day and night during certain times of the year. Within its premises, a modern garden featuring different animal statutes and figurines are constructed. The place is now a popular location for tired souls to relax and unwind while reflecting on life's ups and downs.



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