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Samarahan Ferry Point

Samarahan Ferry Point

Small stall owners at Kota Samarahan ferry point selling cooked foods and drinks.

Samarahan Ferry Point is two Km from Kota Samarahan.

Distance to destinations from Samarahan Ferry Point

To Asajaya - 21km
To Sadong Jaya - 37km
To Ferry Kg. Buloh - 47km
To Sebangan - 63km
To Sebuyau - 84km

Primrose VIII at Samarahan Ferry Point
Primrose VIII at Samarahan Ferry Point

2017-03-30 THU 10:54

The Primrose VIII which serviced the Batang Samarahan Ferry point for years of  ferry services is now rendered obsolete as Sadong Bridge completed in October 2016.

Samarahan Ferry Point (Service stopped in 2017 and replaced by road via Sadong Bridge)

Samarahan Ferry Point (Service stopped in 2017 and replaced by road via Sadong Bridge)

There were two ferries that plied Samarahan River bringing with them hundreds of cars crossing the river each day.

1- Primrose I
2- Primrose VIII



Kota Samarahan was know as Muara Tuang before 1980s. At that time was a small trading village. The village was linked to Kuching via road only in early 1970s. Before that, the only means of transport to the village was via the river. Development of the small village accelerated with the construction of a 25-km road link to Kuching.

Today Kota Samarahan has a concentration of universities and educational facilities and thus forms the educational hub for Sarawak. Institutions of higher learning in the area includes
1- Universiti Malaysia Sarawak,
2- Universiti Teknologi MARA Kota Samarahan Campus (2 campuses),
3- Institute of Teacher Education (Tun Abdul Razak Campus) and
4- Kota Samarahan Industrial Training Institute (ILPKS).


This is the older part of Kota Samarahan with just a few rows of ‘small’ shophouses serving the kampung (villages) embracing the area. Though Kota Samarahan has new shopshouses and beautiful houses nearer to the main road linking to UNIMAS and UiTM now, these shophouses are remnants of a past thriving kampung community – your friendly neighbourhood one-stop shopping cluster.

Shops here stock up everything imaginable from daily sundries, hardware to sewing paraphernalia.

And this is where I spent this recent weekend, bright and sunny, I was soaking in the heat, sights and sounds of folks going about their everyday business.



Samarahan Town

Batang Sadong Bridge is already completed while Samarahan Bridge is still in progress.



BATANG SADONG BRIDGE opened in October 2016

The 1.48 km bridge is now the longest bridge in Malaysia across a river and replacing the ferry services across the river.

Ferry Point in Samarahan City to facilitate people crossing the river separating between 2 villages.

On the coastal road from Kuching to Pusa,(170 km)  with three ferry crossings —
1- Muara Tuang Ferry Point,
2- Batang Lupar Ferry Point
3- Batang Saribas Ferry Point

Linking Kuching to Bintulu by the coastal road are bridges be be built over seven rivers (excluding small ones) —
1- Sungai Rambungan, (RM130 million)
2- Batang Lupar, RM2 billion
3- Sungai Saribas,
4- Sungai Krian,
5- Batang Paloh,
6- Muara Lassa
7- Batang Igan.(RM305 million)