2013 -   ‘Historic’ Limbang-Brunei bridge to open :

There are two road border crossing checkpoints in Limbang district, both into Brunei : one at West Limbang and one at East Limbang. (Yes! Many local travellers not familiar with Brunei geography got the illusion of "Two Bruneis" when they travel through Limbang of Malaysia)

The two border checkpoints are :
1- Tedungan (Malaysia) and Kuala Lurah (Brunei): Tedungan is Located 43 km west of Limbang, it is the road crossing into the main part of Brunei from Limbang. The Brunei checkpoint is called Kuala Lurah.

2- Pandaruan (Malaysia) and Puni (Brunei) : Pandaruan checkpoint is located 15 km east of Limbang on the Pandaruan River which forms the border between Sarawak and Brunei's Temburong district. The crossing has to be done by ferry. The checkpoint on the Brunei side is called Puni and operates out of a wooden building located 500m from the ferry landing point.

Travelers have to pass through Limbang, Sarawak while traveling overland from Sarawak to Sabah.


From Limbang to Brunei

To/from Tedungan Town border checkpoint  of Brunei.


A relatively good road links Limbang with the Tedungan (known as Kuala Lurah on the Brunei side) border checkpoint.

From this checkpoint Tedungan, good roads go all the way to Bandar Seri Begawan.


Tedungan is about 43km from Limbang. Both Brunei and Malaysian immigration procedures can be done at the border.

From Limbang, head south along the Limbang River. Take a right turn after the KM10 point and travel another 13km before taking another right turn (going straight will lead you to Nanga Medamit). The road ends right at the border checkpoint.

Queues can be quite long at the checkpoint, especially during weekends when Bruneians travel in mass to Limbang for some fun. Do the reverse if coming from Brunei.




By road

Limbang's network of roads link it to both the main part of Brunei (where its capital Bandar Seri Begawan is located) to the west and its Temburong district to the east.



Travelling from Limbang to anywhere beyond Brunei, eg to Miri, Kuching or Kota Kinabalu by land will require passing through Brunei with a vilid International Passport.

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