Sri Aman Division contains two administrative districts: Sri Aman and Lubok Antu. The total population is 93,379.

1- Sri Aman District
2- Lubok Antu District

Jalan Kpg. Hilir, Sri Aman and Batang Lupar River



Rumah Panjang Skra Ulu
Rumah Panjang Skra Ulu, Jalan Kampung Baru, Sri Aman

2017-03-26 SUN 11:05


Rumah Augustine Nanta, Kampung Skra Ulu



Places of interest in

LAKSA 叻沙 Sri Aman湯稞條 Keuh Tiaw Soup
Ginger Beef Rice 薑絲牛肉飯


Fried Rice 炒飯

Keuh Tiaw (Kway Teow, Kwey Teow)

湯稞條 Keuh Tiaw Soup

LAKSA 叻沙 Sri Aman

Ginger Beef Rice 薑絲牛肉飯

Eating Out in Sri Aman


Foochow-style mee mixed with a dash of satay sauce – is the most sought after meal in Sri Aman town.

He worked hard to uphold the family code of serving the best dishes in town, and over time, his diligence and a natural flair for cooking, enabled him to come up with his own special Foochow noodles that has made him a household name in Sri Aman town.

mee goreng, kueh teow goreng and bee hoon (vermicelli) goreng a with tomato sauce

bee hoon soup.

newly-opened eatery in the new commercial area of Sri Aman town.

Lachau Town

Hosanna Church at Sri Aman -  a Catholic Church

Other churches in Bandar Sri Aman

1) St. Luke's Church, Jalan Sabu, Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia The new St Luke’s Church near Munggu Sabun cost RM2.5 million to build.
The first church was gutted by fire on Dec 15, 2002. The new church completed in September 2011.
The new church able to hold 800 people at any one time and it will be a beautiful landmark for this town.
There are 9,000 Anglican worshippers and 16 chapels in Sri Aman town.

The first St Luke’s Church was erected in 1837 at Sabu, some 3 kilometres from the town. In 1937 it was built at the present site of Munggu Sabun .

2) Latter Rain Church Sri Aman

2 Jalan Sabu, Pekan Sri Aman, 95000 Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia



3) St Maria's Church

Jalan Kuching - Sri Aman, Sarawak, Malaysia


4) Sri Aman Methodist Churche 新恩堂

 Sing Eng Methodist Church, Sri Aman
Lot 187 Jalan Paya, 95000 Sri Aman, P O Box 50, 95007 Sri Aman
Tel : 083-326245
Fax : 083-322162
Every Sunday
08:00 A.M
07:00 P.M


Theatre Inn

Theatre Inn 

Lot 106, Block 2, Club Road, 95000 Bandar Sri Aman, Sarawak.

Tel : 083-323122  083-323211

Room : Rm 63.00 to Rm 84.00    Family Suit : Rm 147.00


Fort Alice

1864 Fort Alice built at Simanggang.


The town of Simanggang was established by the White Rajah in 1849 and served as a fort as well as an administrative centre for the government.

In 1849, the Raja of Sarawak built a fort called James Fort at the mouth of Skrang River. Few years later in 1853, James fort was attached by Rentap and his follows but failed. Rentap was a warrior from the famous Dayak Skrang tribe.

Jun 1864, that James Fort was shifted to Simanggang because the place was more suitable. The fort that was rebuilt was named after Rani Margaret and was called Alice Fort.

Fort Alice marked the start of development for Simanggang. The first Resident of Simanggang was James Brooke.

At the end of 1973, the town of Simanggang renamed Sri Aman in conjunction with the surrender of the Kalimantan communist. On 21 October 1973, Simanggang was chosen as the place to hold the ceremony for signing the Memorandum of Understanding between the government which was represented by Datuk Patinggi Haji Abdul Rahman Ya’akub with Bong Kee Chok, the leader of the Communist in Sarawak


Lot 1247 & 1248 Main Bazaar, Sri Aman, Sarawak

Tel: 083-320140, 083-320141

Centrally located with ample parking space.
Cosy environment facing the majestic Batang Lupar.
Plenty of fresh air. Overlooking the ever popular Batang Lupar "Benak".
Air-cond, hot and cold water bathe, coloured TV, VCD and ASTRO available.
Near to bus terminal while coffee shop on the ground floor
serves hot and cold drinks and economy fast food.

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