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Boats, Trawlers and Vessels of Borneo Island
Boats activity at the waterfront of Tawau and at many other towns and cities.

Superyacht Equanimity previously tied to billionaire Low Taek Jho in Bali waters, Indonesia
February 2018 - Superyacht Equanimity previously tied to billionaire Low Taek Jho in Bali waters, Indonesia

The $250 million yacht linked to  Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho 劉特佐

"After the Justice Department filed its forfeiture lawsuit against the yacht last year, Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, instructed its crew to keep it away from countries such as Singapore and Australia. He said those governments were likely to seize the vessel, and urged the crew to instead stick to “safe” places such as Cambodia and Vietnam, according to a court filing by the U.S."

Low Taek Jho


Wooden-hulled sea vessel

Wooden-hulled vessels like this are often the only trade, transport and communication links for many islands including Borneo Island.

This type of wooden-hulled vessels is operated by merchants of the Philippines

Philippines Wooden-hulled Vessels
operated by merchants of the Philippines

MV SATELLITE II PhilippinesML B-MAGRETH PhilippinesAL HAFID Z PhilippinesM/L 8MJ2 PhilippinesHabiba J. PhilippinesMV CRF EXPRESS Philippines


ML B-MAGRETH Philippines

AL HAFID Z Philippines

M/L FATIMA SUR Philippines

M/L 8MJ2 Philippines

Habiba J. Philippines

MV CRF EXPRESS Philippines


This type of wooden-hulled vessels 木殼船 is operated by merchants of the Philippines

BIMP-EAGA Business Council (BEBC) chairperson Roselan Johar Mohamed in 2017 announced that Sabah Security Council has decided to stop wooden ships from operating and that meant they would be using metal ships in the future.

This announcement has already caused much worries for the transhipment traders along the east coast and they have pleaded to help highlight their concerns.

The nature of the cross-border trading business

The cross-border trading is selling on Free On Board (FOB) basis because Sabahan traders are not interested to sell on Cost Insurance & Freight (CIF) basis.

On the CIF basis, Malaysia traders would need to send the goods to the final destination in Mindanao, Philippines, then our traders would get paid at the Port of Discharge.

It is risky for Malaysia traders to send Sabah ships since Malaysia flag possesses very high potential for kidnapping. Therefore Malaysia traders have worked out a preferred method with the Philippines traders. That is their ship to come over and load the goods and they pay our traders immediately.

Most Philippines ports are relatively smaller ports so they can only accommodate wooden ships. There is no reason for them to change their boats into steel hulled vessels.

Ports of Discharge in Mindanao are located at Bongao, Basilan, Holo, Zamboanga, etc. These are the main ports. Then the goods will be distributed to the small islands by smaller boats.

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Barge 駁船 ONE UP 68 STW 00143 K

A Barge 駁船
STW 00143 K



Barge Carrying Timber

Barging Into Profit :



Berkat Mandiri 01 Indonesia

Berkat Mandiri 01

TAWAU 2018-05-14 MON 15:56

Trawlers 拖網漁船
Fishing boat Sabah, Malaysia TW/2349/6/FFishing boat Sabah, MalaysiaFishing boat Sabah, MalaysiaFishing boats Sabah, Malaysia

 More about Fishing Trawlers in Sabah, Borneo Island

Passenger Speed Boat

Passenger Speed Boat
Sabah, Malaysia


TAWAU 2018-05-14 MON 15:57

Fishing boats Sabah, Malaysia

Purnama Express 1 Indonesia (Tawau - Nunukan)

Purnama Express 1
Tawau - Nunukan

More about Tawau Ferry Terminal

Big boats of Bintulu over the Kemena River

Big boats of Bintulu over the Kemena River

More about Bintulu City of Sarawak

Primrose VIII at Samarahan Ferry Point

Primrose VIII at Samarahan Ferry Point

The Primrose VIII which serviced the Batang Samarahan Ferry point for years of ferry services is now rendered obsolete as Sadong Bridge completed in October 2016.

More about Samarahan Town

Kapit Waterfront

Kapit Waterfront
Kapit Waterfront sees a hive of activities every December during the Christmas and New Year period with thousands of holiday makers and locals stopping at the Kapit jetty to proceed to longhouses or return to their workplaces.

More about Kapit Town of Sarawak

Belaga Riverfront

Riverfront of Belaga Town

More about Belaga Town of Sarawak

Terminal Satu

Terminal Satu for passenger express boats in Sarikei Town of Sarawak

More about Sariket Town


"ROYAL LIMBANG No: 1" Limbang - Labuan
Express boat from Limbang to Labuan Island

More about Limbang Town in Sarawak



From Lawas Town you could take this express boat to Labuan Island.
More about Lawas Town

Panoramic view from Batang Ai Lake Recreation Park
Iban Longboats at Batang Ai Lake Recreation Park

Panoramic view from Batang Ai Lake Recreation Park.

Batang Ai Lake Recreation Park is 275km (5 hours drive) from Kuching City. A man-made lake with many protected wildlife species

There is a high-end resort to stay over inside the park. Or the nearest hotels are in Sri Aman town 2 hours away.
Tilapia grower at Batang Ai Lake

More about Sri Aman Town of Sarawak

Sampan (Tambang) at Kuching Waterfront

Sampan (Tambang) at Kuching Waterfront

Used by the villagers in Kuching North to get to work in downtown Kuching South.

There are two wooden oars tied in a cross-path formation which the boatman used to navigate the sampan.

A small boat engine at the back of the sampan . For about a few minutes, the engine will propel the boat across the river, with the oars used to turn left or right, depending on the final destination.


PETRONAS - TIAN STW00152K Malaysia

PETRONAS - TIAN STW00152K Malaysia


POLIS patrol boat PA 42 Sabah, Malaysia

POLIS patrol boat PA 42 Sabah, Malaysia


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