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Family Moraceae
Ficus tinctoria 斜葉榕
Stranglers with Many Roots
Dioecious 雌雄異株

Ficus tinctoria

Ficus tinctoria 斜葉榕

Male and Female FRUIT WASPS from a female F. tinctoria fruit

Male ♂3mm
Female ♀2.5mm

Jalan Hill Top 2021-06-28 MON 15:34

Female Fruit 11.4mm

Emerging hole ducked out by FRUIT WASPS from inside fruit.


Anselmella sp TINCTORIA
This pair of male and female wasp are identified to the Genus Anselmella. Species unidentified yet. It is temporary coded as sp. TINCTORIA as they were found in a female fruit of Ficus Tinctoria.

Anselmella sp TINCTORIA is a pest wasp. In Ficus fruit development, they are NON-POLLINATORS (non-pollinating wasp).

Family Eulophidae 釉小蜂科
Anselmella sp TINCTORIA

Genus Anselmella

Leaves of Ficus tinctoria

Leaves of Ficus tinctoria
Leaves of Ficus tinctoria

The leaves are varied often rhombic (squared off)

Alternately arrange oval leaves, to 18x9 cm, glossy dark green above, pale green below, and have rounded tip and base. Leaves are often asymmetrial.

Dye Fig is a climbing strangler, forming a tree with prop-roots, to 25m.

Stalks are thick, to 1.5 cm. Fruit is a fig, appearing in leaf axils, usually paired, round, to 1.5 cm, ripening through orange to red or purple. The fruit of dye fig are the source of a red dye used in traditional fabric making in parts of Indonesia.


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