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Flowers, Fruit, Vegetable and Mushroom Stalls

Kundasang vegetable market stalls, just a row of them, are lined up along the road not far from Kinabalu National Park office, say 30 minutes drive.

Vegetable are farmed by KadazanDusun and  sold wholesale daily at these stalls to as far as Brunei and Sarawak.


Buyers from as far as Brunei and Sarawak come by trucks to collect them at wholesale for distribution.

Here is a woman preparing her stall for opening business, on an early misty morning (I composed her at thirds but she suddenly bent forward, and I thought, the posture was nice, so I clicked). Kundasang is now a popular stop for visitors.

On a clear day, you will likely see Mount Kinabalu behind the stall.



FRESH VEGETABLE MARKET of Kundasang is a belt of low single storey wooden shades by the highway. Various types of vegetables, fruits, flowers, and other products from the highlands were sold in Kundasang Market.

Opposite the FRESH MARKET on the other side of the highway is a small FLOWER NURSERY MARKET where flowers and tropical plants are display for sale.

Kundasang Town Lay on the south eastern side of Mount Kinabalu, its hillsides are a terraced patchworks patterns of vegetables and flower.

Being an “agricultural” hub, Kundasang's thriving market (both vegetable and flowers) open daily including the important public holiday of Malaysia National Day on 31st August 2011. (see above two photo graphs taken on 31st August 2011)

Vegetable wholesale stalls is beside the main road. A long row of wooden stalls.

Bulk buyers come from all over Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei for the fresh harvest. Pick up trucks are laden with harvest from the farms nearby the valley.

Continuous flow of passing tourists stop by for shopping at a good bargain. Most of the vegetable stalls managed by local native Dusun.

For visitors to Sabah, try local specialties fresh cabbage and fresh mushrooms and young 'kai lan'. Sold here are also flowers and strawberry.

This vegetable market is Kudasang's oldest and most famous attraction.

From the market visitor can see the valleys of Kundasang lined with numerous farms growing  cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, corn, radish, turnip, cauliflower, spinach, and other leafy vegetables.

Most of these fresh products loaded directly into trucks for delivery to major towns in Sabah.

The stalls of the vegetable market are arranged in a neat row along the left side of the main road towards Ranau from Kinabalu Park, just next to the center of Kundasang Shopping Center.

Delicious tropical fruits such as rambutans, mangoes, durians, papayas can be bought at reasonable prices.

Kundasang War Memorial and Kundasang Shopping Center are just near by.

fresh mushroomsfresh mushroomsfresh mushroomsfresh mushrooms

30 years ago
From Vegetable Stalls to Fresh Vegetable Market
1976 to 2011

The Fresh Vegetable Market in Kundasang you visit today is developed from 30 years ago two rows of stalls :

1) a short row of Vegetable Stalls for retails customers near the entrance to War Memorial
2) a longer row of Vegetable Shops for wholesales customers further down the road

Kundasang Vegetable Retail Stalls
April 1978

30 years ago, road was not in good condition. Buyers were not that many. The stalls and road was so peaceful that chickens (see photo) ply the road for foods and goats stroll around.

While these stalls retail sales to customers, the wholesale for distributors was 100 meters down the road (see photo below)

Kundasang Vegetable Wholesale Shops
April 1978

At the right of above photo was the vegetable Wholesales Shops 30 years ago.

Those days were the days of JEEP (Click on photo to expand images to view details).

These JEEP 30 years ago are being replaced today with mini vans, pickup trucks and 4 Wheels.

Kundasang Vegetable Stalls

....and we miss those days when Dusun girls were so naturally beautiful with simple make up strawberry red lips.

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