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Kundasang Town
Places of interest in
Kundasang Town

Kundasang - the vegetable capital of Sabah

Vegetable terraces (left above photo) beside the long row of well known wooden stalls of fresh vegetable (right of photo).
This long row of wooden stalls 'gerai' are always bustling with vegetable sellers from nearby villages and tourist from all over Malaysia. There are over 1,000 small and major vegetable farmers in Kundasang.

Kundasang is the vegetable capital of Sabah. 70% of Kundasang  land  is vegetable farms, which spans almost 3,000 acres. The villages here are famous for its renowned fresh vegetables which attracted merchants from all over Sabah to source vegetables in this town.

Kundasang has been popular in producing highland vegetables which remains the main economic activity for the populace made up of a Dusun majority.

At an altitude of 1,600meters above sea level, the hills are perfect place for planting highland vegetables such as cabbages, carrots, leeks, capsicums and tomatoes.

New Extended Vegetable Distribution Center
in Kundasang
92 Km from Kota Kinabalu




During MCO 2020
Solve greens dumping in Kundasang, govt urged
Daily Express Online Published on: Monday, April 06, 2020

Simon Leong
Simon Leong
MCO 2020: Sabah farmer distributing vegetables for free rather than letting them go to waste
New Straits Times By Olivia Miwil - April 12, 2020 @ 2:15pm

Vegetable farms
Fresh Vegetable Market

Fresh Vegetable Distribution Center
Kundasang Ranau Highway
Vegetable farms


Fruit, Vegetable and Mushroom Stalls
Colorful displayed fruit and vegetable stalls on the side of the road, Kundasang.
In the mid-1980s, farmers from the surrounding villages decided to build a stretch of stalls by the roadside to sell their vegetables (see above photo). Before that, the villagers sold their produce in several areas along the road.

In 1984 a group of vegetable farmers formed Kundasang Vegetable Stall Operators Association and centralize the operations next to the main road near Kundasang town.

Kundasang's valleys have a diverse flora ranges from rich tropical lowland and hill rainforest to tropical mountain, sub-alpine forest and scrub on the higher elevations and particularly abundant in species with examples of flora from as far as China, Australia and the Himalayas, as well as pan-tropical flora.



Kundasang has increased in last decade several hotels and resorts for holiday goers.

Kundasang has been a favored place frequented by Western travelers. However recent years AirAsia successfully bring in a constant stream of holiday family goers from West Malaysia.

The Pan Borneo Road upgraded in recent years also bring a constant flow of cars from Brunei and Sarawak.
In the future when the Pan Borneo Road linked to Kalimantan of Indonesia, Kundasang will witness even greater numbers of visitors from Indonesia.
Kundasang is destine to develop into a new township in the years following. But, for those nature lovers, now is the best time to see Kundasang in her original natural environment before she be ruined by tourism in a decade time.

Kundasang Shopping Center
Kundasang Shopping Center

Location for Fresh Vegetable Distribution Center
Fresh Vegetable Market
Kundasang War Memorial Gardens
Kundasang Ranau Highway

Honey available for sales in Kundasang

The packing of honey available for sales in Kundasang are in two type of bottling :
A- The home bottled by individual families.
B- Commercially bottled in honey processing centers.
The quality of honey are of two types:
1- Honey from wild jungle honey
2- Honey from farm honey
Madu Hutan - Jungle Honey
Madu Pelihara - Farm Honey
Royal Jally - Royal Jelly from Farm Bees

Big Bottle : Rm 25.00
Small Bottle : Rm 15.00

Kundasang War Memorial and Gardens
Kundasang War Memorial and Gardens

Kundasang War Memorial commemorate the brave Australian and British Prisoners of War who died in Sandakan and during the infamous death marches to Ranau during World War II.
At the end of the march, no English survivors left, only six Australians survived in the tragedy.
Kundasang War Memorial has four interlocking gardens to represent the homelands of those who died during WWII.

1) Australian Garden
2) English Garden
3) Borneo Garden
4) Contemplation Garden and pool

The beautiful gardens are a reminder for those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of others.

Attractions Around Kundasang
Attractions Around Kundasang

1) Kinabalu National Park, 6km, 10 minutes driving
2) Nabalu Town, 10km, 15 minutes driving
3) Poring Hot Springs, 50km, 45 minutes driving
4) Mesilau Nature Park, 10km, 15 minutes driving
5) Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, 3km, 5 minutes driving
6) Mount Kinabalu Golf Club, 10km, 15 minutes driving

Attraction/Sight Seeing in Kundasang Town Center
Attraction/Sight Seeing in Kundasang Town Center

1) Kundasang War Memorial - 50 meters or 5 minutes walk from car park
2) Fresh Vegetable Market - 5 minutes walk from town car park
3) Strawberry & Rose Garden - 10 minutes walk from town car park

Performance Stage in Kundasang Shopping Centre
Performance Stage in Kundasang Shopping Centre

Kundasang Town consists of just a few row of shop lots

PADA : 01-OKTOBER 1997

Kundasang Town
Kundasang a small village town at the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. Photo above looking toward West. Mount Kinabalu is on the far left.

Mount Kinabalu view from Kundasang Town
Mount Kinabalu view from Kundasang Town

Kundasang view of the mountain is breathtaking. Here the highland air cold and sceneries green.
Here you can see mountainís peak stands proud.

Road to Kundasang from Kota Kinabalu is about 100 kms of scenic mountain scenes. The road is one of the main arterial road to other major towns of Sandakan, Lahad Datu and Tawau.
The journey to Kundasang offers spectacular views of hills and valleys including one big waterfall of Mount Kinabalu.

The Giant Cabbage roundabout at Kundasang Town center.
The Giant Cabbage roundabout at Kundasang Town center. This concrete replica represents the fresh vegetables for which Kundasang is famous.

Nearby is the giant lettuce at the Jalan Besar roundabout.

Cow & calf  Roundabout Kundasang.
Cow & calf Roundabout

The main dairy product company in Borneo is in Kundasang. This roundabout in Kundasang used the status of a cow and a calf as landmark to the dairy farm.

Desa Cattle has a 199-hectare cattle dairy farm at Mesilau few kilometres drive from Kundasang Town.

The status of a cow and calf done with high craftsmanship, they look so real that drivers mistken as they are standing in the middle of highway.

Kinabalu Valley Homestay
Kg. Kinasaraban

Kundasang Ranau Sabah

Kinabalu Valley Homestay
Rania Lovely Hut
St. Cladius Catholic Church

Puteri Nabalu Restaurant
Puteri Nabalu Restaurant
Puteri Nabalu is situated in Kundasang town area at the foothill of the majestic heritage Mount Kinabalu.
The restaurant cuisines incorporate local ingredients with a taste of Borneo Malaysia.

Try the traditional Kadazan Dusun cuisines that use herbal ingredients sourced locally from Kundasang.

Mesilau Resort
Mesilau Resort

Mesilai Resort is 2,000 meter above sea level, the highest point accessible by car in Sabah.

Mesilau Nature Park is located at the end of the mountain road. Alone the same road are Kundasang Dairy Farm and Kinabalu Golf Resort.
Before arriving Mesilau Park is Sabah Park's guard house which signifies the entrance to the national park's proper compound.
2,000 meters above sea level, at such height when the location is too near to Mt. Kinabalu, do not expect spectacular Mt Kinabalu view because view is blocked by surrounding hills.

At the entrance is a small waterfall that streams cold, fresh mountain water.
The vegetation at Mesilau is different from most tropical forests - the chilly climate resulted in sparsely spaced tree concentration, with a great variety of ferns and medium-height trees.
Melisau Resort is the 2nd entry point for hiking up Mt Kinabalu on Mesilau Trail. The 1st entry point is Timpohon Gate from Kinabalu Park HQ.

There is a restaurant in this nature park. Accommodations at Mesilau Nature Resort are operated by Sutera Sanctuary Lodges.


2018 October Rainy Season
Pai Town


Mae Hong Son Province of North Thailand.
This postcard-perfect little town sits in a valley on the banks of the Pai River.

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