Wild honey seller near Medan Niaga Satok Complex
Wild honey seller near Medan Niaga Satok Complex at Petra Jaya New Township.

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Medan Niaga Satok Market

In Medan Niaga Satok market, you will find exotic fruits and vegetables like wild jungle ferns ‘Midin’, ‘Snake skin’ fruits and wild ‘belimbing’. the life ‘sago’ worms eaten fresh as snacks during tea break. The Chinese and Malay stalls selling various items such as ‘ikan terubok masin’, ikan bakar, local handicrafts carvings, fruits, vegetables, poultry, seafood, wild orchids, wild honey, traditional herbs, pets and even clothing.



Kubah Ria Complex
Shopping Center
Medan Niaga Satok Complex
A Business Complex
Sarawak State Government Funded
RM 22,383,000
A Market Complex
Malaysia Federal Government Funded
Rm 40 Millions


Medan Niaga Satok

Petra Jaya New Township

Kubah Ria Complex
Shopping Center
Medan Niaga Satok Complex
A Business Complex
Sarawak State Government Funded
RM 22,383,000 for Complex

Managed by Sara Urusharta Sdn.Bhd.
a wholly owned subsidiary of SEDC -
Sarawak Economic Development Corporation

A Market Complex
Malaysia Federal Government Funded
Rm 40 Millions for Complex

Sarawak State Government Funded
Rm 10 Millions for Road

1 Shopping Center
2 Food Center
3 Central Atrium
4 Waterfront
5 Open-space dining area for 500+ diners
1 Block A - Administrative Building
2 Block B - Wet Market
3 Block C - Dry Market
4 Block D - Plaza & Cafeteria
5 Block E - Benteng Food Court for 400+
6 Area F - Pasar Borong  Wholesale Market
7 Area G - Weekend Market
1) Bilik Solat
2) Public Washroom

Block E - Benteng Food Court
Block E - Benteng Food Court
Medan Niaga Satok Complex

Block D - Plaza & Cafeteria
Block D - Plaza & Cafeteria
Medan Niaga Satok Complex

Block C - Dry Market
Block C - Dry Market
Medan Niaga Satok Complex

Block B - Wet Market
Block B - Wet Market
Medan Niaga Satok Complex

Block A - Administrative Building
Block A - Administrative Building
Medan Niaga Satok Complex

1 Block A - Administrative Building
2 Block B Wet Market Wet Foods - Fish
Salted Fish
3 Block C Dry Market Jungle Products
Kek Lapis and
4 Block D Plaza & Kafeteria  
5 Block E Benteng Food Court Foods and Drinks
6 Pasar Borong Wholesale Market 批發市場 Vegitable and Fruits and Cakes
7 Tapak Pasar Mingu/Tamu
Weekend Market

The Old Satok Market

THE relocation of the well known old Satok Market to new Medan Niaga Satok is inevitable because the old market has grown too huge and vibrant to be in the middle of Kuching city.

The old Satok Market has tourist value and historical significance. It was first set up in 1990s as a temporary measure to house petty traders selling jungle products at the Masjid Bandaraya car park.

This supposed to be just a temporary place however grew its popularity and attracted other traders of all kinds of products. Eventually this small market grown into a vibrant trading center attracting even more customers.

This old Satok Market was very popular that the tourists, especially from Peninsula Malaysia, saw it as a must visit place in Kuching.

Sunday Market is the main attraction of this landmark for foreign tourists. The Sunday market stretches from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, offering a wide variety of deep jungle produces.

It has a continuous flow of customers in the thousands as there are numerous residential areas along Jalan Nanas, Jalan Rubber, Jalan Pisang and Jalan Muhibbah, which lead to 13 Malay villages.

A small market has outgrown its purpose and hence comes with other problems like traffic congestion and unhygienic disposal of waste. By then a 1,200 hawkers livelihood depends on the old Satok market, the migration to a batter promising land is more than just about congestion and cleanliness.

Given time, the present new place next to Kubah Ria is located with better facilities and modern infrastructure.

Kubah Ria is a new development designed by town planners as a must-stop tourist attraction through the creation of a new business hub.

Before construction the new market, Kubah Ria is already a newly completed complex of popular food court and shopping center. The Federal Government allocated additional  RM15 million to further its expansion at the surround empty area.

Now with a new wide market site, the hawkers will be able to trade daily in an orderly manner and in a more hygienic environment.

Ultimately, this consolidated new place will attract even more tourist once this new business township is better known.

Foreseeing a blooming new tourist destination in Sarawak, Jalan Matang, the road to this new business hub, has been upgraded to dual carriageway providing better access to and from the market site. The Rm 10 millions road fund came from Sarawak Government.

Kuching North Mayor Datuk Abang Abdul Wahab Abang Julai said they understood



KUCHING: Medan Niaga Satok, the new premises of the Satok Weekend Market here, has opened to massive traffic congestion.

On the first day of official trading on Saturday, illegal parking was rampant.

The state government-funded RM10mil road widening project to deal with increased traffic flow in the area has been made almost redundant by illegal parking.

The jam on Saturday was several kilometres long from Medan Niaga Satok, affecting traffic flow along Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, which is the main thoroughfare along Petrajaya, and the nearby Jalan Matang.

While there were Kuching City North Commission (DBKU) officers on duty to regulate traffic flow, there was little they could do to prevent the public from parking illegally.

Medan Niaga Satok has approximately 1,000 car parking bays.

However, trading space for the weekend market is mostly on the carpark itself. It appeared on Saturday that there were very limited spaces left for parking when the weekend market was operating.

“Do you think people would keep coming in the long run?” asked a trader, who requested anonymity, due to the nature of her complaints. She had called reporters from several newspapers on Saturday afternoon to visit the market site that evening.

The trader, who is paying RM90 for a trading space, told reporters over the phone that she felt “sympathy” for traders at the cheaper RM10 per month lots.

Other traders The Star spoke to also complained about the lack of electricity supply. Traders without their own generators were literally trading in the dark. Again, it was the traders paying RM10 monthly rental who were most likely to be trading in the dark, based on The Star’s observation.

“The place is OK lah,” said one trader, who also did not want to be named.

“Yes, it’s very cheap and has more room. But we’re closing already and it is only 9pm. It’s too dark. We sell fruits, some of which are placed on the floor. People are not coming to buy because they cannot select the fruits when it is dark.”

However, an egg trader, who told reporters to address him as Lim, said he was happy with the new environment.

“I pay RM90 and I get water supply, electricity connection and a nice stall. I like it. It’s better. But I am quite worried about parking. Tonight, a lot of people are curious. But how after a few weeks? With it being so chaotic outside, will they keep coming? My concern is not whether there won’t be any shoppers — they will come — but will there be enough to sustain my earning as before? Nobody knows.”

Medan Niaga Satok was built at a cost of more than RM40mil with Federal Government funds. Most of its weekend traders are from what was popularly known as the “Sunday Market”, which was a weekend market set up around the shophouses at Jalan Satok.

The old venue, the state government has said, was meant only to be a temporary market place. The new Medan Niaga Satok, which is less than 3km away from the old place, is adjacent to Kubah Ria, a food and commercial development, which is funded by the state government.

Both facilities are located on the north bank of Sarawak River, where a series of jetties are being built.

On Saturday, several traders pointed out that the area brightest lit and with most parking spaces was the fenced-off premises of the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority’s office, towards the back of the market.

Medan Niaga Satok has approximately 1,000 car parking bays, but many are used as trading spaces during the weekend, leaving what little space left for visitors to park.

The state government has spent an estimated RM10mil on a road widening project to deal with increased traffic flow in the area, though rampant illegal parking has created a less than desirable situation for motorists.


KUCHING: Medan Niaga Satok is set to become a model market for the country, said Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Datuk Seri Noh Omar on January 28, 2013, Monday

The RM46.6 million market which sits on a five-hectare piece of land houses 2,241 business lots, making it the biggest open concept market in Malaysia.

Speaking at the official opening of the market by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Noh Omar added that Medan Niaga Satok is a symbol of success for the BN government and was in line with its blue ocean strategy.
“I urge all state and federal agencies under the ministry of agriculture and agro-based Industry to make full use of the facilities at Medan Niaga Satok.”

He said among supporting activities that could be held at the market were entrepreneurship programmes and food processing courses.

“Participants from outside Sarawak will also be encouraged to visit and learn from Medan Niaga Satok.”
He told those present that the idea behind the market was mooted by Muhyiddin who held the portfolio of Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry in 2007.

Minister of Tourism Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, who also spoke, said the market was an important landmark to highlight rapid developments taking place in the area.

Medan Niaga Satok is divided into seven zones; sunday market, wet market (Block B), dry market (Block C), plaza (Block D), wholesale market, food stalls (Benteng) and the Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (FAMA) office.
Also present were Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud, his deputy Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu Numpang and Fama chairman Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Badruddin Amiruldin.

The complex would use modern technology where market waste will be treated before being discharged to the Sarawak River.

KUCHING: The Medan Niaga Satok, which is now under construction near Kubah Ria, will accommodate all the traders from present Satok Market when completed in September next year State director of Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (Fama) Paza @ Faizal Haji Dan disclosed yesterday that the construction of the RM45 million project, which started in January this year, was now about 25 percent completed.

“All traders at the Satok Market will be moved there when the complex is completed,” he told the media when met at a Ramah Tamah Aidilfitri gathering held in front of Fama office in Petra Jaya here yesterday.

“Those operating at the Satok Sunday Market will also be moving there. We will work together with the Agriculture Department and Kuching North City Hall (DBKU) to make sure that the trading activities are be done in very clean, systematic and orderly manner,” he added.State director of Federal Agriculture Marketing Authority (Fama) Paza @ Faizal Haji Dan


Location: Kuching

Medan Niaga Satok

The affectionately-called Satok Market, which is operational on Saturdays and Sundays, is now located at Medan Niaga Satok effective 1st Jan 2013. It is renowned for the native ladies who set up shop here selling fruit and vegetables, but there are also many good Chinese and Malay stalls. Goods on offer include handicrafts, forest produce (including delicious wild honey), pets of all descriptions, orchid plants, live fish, and a whole range of local snacks and delicacies.

The market is a must for weekend visitors, as it is very colourful and always teeming with shoppers. The best time to go is Saturday night or early Sunday morning.

Kubah Ria

It is located adjacent to Kubah Ria, a popular eatery fronting the Sarawak river.

Kopi O Corner, Kubah Ria
by theborneogirl

Operating since 1992, this is Kopi O Corner’s third branch. The first branch situated at Satok (Next to MARA building just nearby St Joseph’s primary school) while the second latest branch is at Kota Samarahan, just directly in front of UNIMAS.

Being in the food industry is not easy. Therefore, 21 years is definitely an achievement. Kopi O Corner newest branch at Kubah Ria is still the same style of dining, casual eating of comfort and good food. Kopi O Corner has a wide variety of food to offer and today I had the chance to try some new menu.


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