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Sematan Palm Beach Resort

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There are activities to keep you occupied during your stay at Sematan Palm Beach Resort. Other than simply swim and sunbathe by the beach, be a little adventurous when you're there.

While in Sematan, don't miss the jelly- fish factory. However, the factory only welcomes visitors during the jellyfish season in the months of April and May. This is where one can witness how freshly caught jellyfish are processed for the market.  

For a taste of local culture, make a visit to the Selakau Longhouse nearby or perhaps take a look at the oldest Chinese wooden shop in Sematan that dates back to about 150 years old. Inquire the resort staff for more information on the village and its people here.  
Nature lovers can hike at the nearby Gunung Gading National Park. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see the world's largest flower, Rafflesia, bloom in its glory. Alternatively, hop on a boat to Tanjung Datu National Park to discover the untouched flora and fauna of the Sarawak rainforest.  

The Sematan Palm Beach Resort Family Trip :

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Palm Beach Resort, Sematan

The two beach resorts in Sematan Town

Palm Beach Resort
Dynawood Beach Stay

Room Type
Other facilities:
Conference Room, Restaurant, BBQ pits, Mahjong Table
Recreation facilities:
Kayak rental, Bicycle rental, Wall Climbing, Diving, Snorkelling
Entrance Fee (for day trippers): RM2.00 (adult)
RM1.00 (child 2-12 years)
Reservation & Inquiries
Lot 295, Kampung Sungai Kilong, Jalan Seacom, 94100 Sematan S 60 82 712388 / 60 82 711128 / 60 82 711112 / 60 82 711177

Rates (including dinner and breakfast)
A-frame Chalet (4 beds) RM330 (weekends) RM280 (weekdays)
Quadruplex (2 beds) RM 180 (weekends) RM153 (weekdays)
Terrace Twin (2 beds) RM180 (weekends) RM153 (weekdays)
Family Rooms (6 beds) RM390 (weekends) RM331 (weekdays)

Sematan Palm Beach Resort


PITSA Family Day 28-29 November 2013 and Chinese New Year 2014

Sematan 123 Jump


Sematan 123 Jump

Hey I made it to fly the kite for quite awhile on top of the sky man....

Honestly this was the first time I played kite...


My students have spent most of their lives in the middle of nowhere. A majority have never been to a beach so you can imagine how much they .......................


Woohoo... we love the sun and the beach! Happy!

Lot 295, Kpg Sg. Kilong, Jalan Seacom 94100 Sematan, Kuching, Sarawak
Tel : 6082-712 388, 711808 Fax : 6082-711788 Email :
Small resort offering a relaxing place easily reach by road from the city. Sematan Palm Beach Resort is owned by Loh Ah Chien.
Two hours drive (120 km) from Kuching.

Peaceful natural environment with uninterrupted view of the South China Sea.
Opened in 2004, the resort is well known for its long stretch of clean sandy beach.


Sematan Town is one-and-a-half hours (120 km) drive from Kuching City.
A small fishing village town located at the far west tip of Sarawak Facing the South China Sea and a short distance from the Sarawak-Kalimantan (Indonesia) border.
The old idyllic wooden bazaar by the sea is flanked by white sandy beaches. A quiet little sleepy town 120km from Kuching.
Sematan Palm Beach Resort is popular destination for a short holiday of the city people.
The resort opened in 2004 and well known for its long stretch of clean sandy beach. The view alone is breathtaking.

Bring mosquito repellent as Sandflies are there day and night.

Romantic evenings on the restaurant verandah watching the sunset.

Local Community
The Sematan Malay community were made up of mainly fishermen who were steep in legends and tradition. One Malay legend was about a grand-lady of Telok Serabang called 'Nakhoda (admiral) Itam' or 'Jeragan Sitam'. Nakhoda Itam was a great warrior who dressed like a man and came from the Natuna island Ranai, in a sailing boat with coconuts, which she planted at Labuan Gadong in the Tanjong Dato National park.

Located by the beach is The Sematan Palm Beach Resort.
Sematan started as a Chinese trading outpost of four families near the Cape of Tanjung Dato adjacent to the West Kalimantan coastal town of Paloh. Today there are 100-strong Chinese community in Sematan. This little town prosper during the 1950s when the British colonial government set up a bauxite mine in 1958.

During the Confrontation period, Sematan became an outpost of British Gurkha soldiers looking for Indonesian invaders from across the border.

Sematan has tremendous potential to become a leading tourist attraction because of its beaches.
Talang Talang turtle islands, just off the coast of Sematan, was perfect for snorkeling.
Tanjong Dato National Park and the Samunsam Wildlife Sanctuary are not far away from Sematan.

The Selako longhouse at Pueh, which houses about 500 people, was nine kilometers inland.


Several cottages facing the sea just 100 meters away.

The cottages are attractive, comfortable , adequate with a refrigerator and overhead fan.

The rooms are well built with goof quality furniture and fittings in  good quality. The main attraction in Palm Beach Resort is the sea and the landscape.

Palm Beach Resort is becoming the haunt of scuba divers. Such trips have to be arranged beforehand. Kayaks and mountain bikes can be rented by anyone.

Palm Beach Resort also caters for meetings and social functions. It can accommodate up to 120 persons.

Bicycle rental is Rm 50 per day

Sematan is a small fishing village town in Sarawak facing the South China Sea. Just a short distance from the Sarawak-Kalimantan (Indonesia) border. Surrounded by a peaceful, rich, natural environment.
What to do in Sematan Town :
1) leisurely walks on serene beaches,
2) take a dip in nearby refreshing waterfalls,
3) visit a Selakau longhouse,
4) cycle through hills, padi fields and paper farms,
5) sea kayak,
6) take a leisurely boat ride to experience island and coastal sight such as Teluk Melano and Tanjung Datu’ National Park.
7) dive and snorkel at the Talang Talang Islands,
8) hike at Gunung Gading National Park to see the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia,
9) visit watermelon farms galore.

Sematan Palm Beach Resort

Sematan Palm Beach Resort provide chalet-type accommodation. Some are A-frames style with upstairs and downstairs bedrooms and others quadruplex bungalow style. Family Rooms accommodation consist of two linked rooms for up to six persons.


The two-acre resort houses thirty-nine comfortable a accommodations (six Detached Chalets, sixteen Quadruple Chalets, five Terrace Family and twelve Terrace Twin lodgings), all fully air-conditioned and equipped with television and en-suite bathroom with heater.  
The resort's restaurant prepares a menu of both local and Western cuisines. It opens daily from 7am to 10pm. All food served is 'halal'.  
Other facilities at the resort include usage of conference room for meetings, and rental of mahjong table for those who want to play a game or two.  
The resort also caters for private functions or events like weddings, birthday parties, family day or corporate meetings. Prior arrangements can be made through the resort.

The restaurant offers basic cooked foods. Dinner and breakfast are included in room rates. Barbecue pits are available for guests who may choose to manage on their own.


Situated on the western tip of Sarawak overlooking the South China Sea sits the sleepy fishing village of Sematan, about one-and-a-half hours (120 km) drive from Kuching.

Sematan Palm Beach Resort
Here locals and tourists escape the city for sun, sea and sand at the idyllic getaway of Sematan Palm Beach Resort.
Opened in 2004, the resort is well known for its long stretch of clean sandy beach. The view alone is breathtaking. Once you've set foot on the resort, you'll know it's time to relax and put your worries behind.


Rent a kayak and challenge yourself paddling on the waves of the South China Sea. Better yet, go snorkeling at the Talang-Talang Island.  


Sematan Palm Beach Resort
A great spot for diving enthusiasts, visitors can make arrangements a day ahead for diving trips organized by the resort. Here's a chance to be at awe by the beautiful marine life that lies under the surface.  

The resort also offers diving lessons from their PADI- certified dive instructors. All this can be arranged at the resort and will be carried out if weather permits.

Visitors who prefer in-land adventures can rent a bicycle and venture out to the local attractions. Sebat Waterfall is just a half-hour bicycle ride from the resort. Along the way, enjoy the beautiful village scenery of paddy fields and pepper farms. Stop by the watermelon farm nearby and quench your thirst with this juicy fruit while you're there.



The following two resorts in Sematan have been closed for many years:
1- Holiday Chalet Sematan (business closed)
2- Sematan Resort (business closed)

After the new highway between Sematan and Kuching completed in 2010, two resorts in Sematan closed business. Beachgoers can go to the beach and return to Kuching in the same day conveniently without have to spend an overnight at the beach.

SEMATAN RESORT was closed business since 2010

Before Sematan Resorte closed in 2010, the resort had the following accommodation :
HOUSE 1 (15 PAX) - TV, fridge, air-conditional, BBQ Pit, individual kitchen, bathroom & toilet  

HOUSE 4 (8 PAX) - Fan, BBQ pit, individual kitchen, bathroom & toilet  

HOUSE 5 (8 PAX) - Fan, BBQ pit, individual kitchen, bathroom & toilet  

HOUSE 5A (10 PAX) - TV, fridge, air-conditional, BBQ pit, individual kitchen, bathroom & toilet  

HOUSE 6 (20 PAX) - TV, fridge, air-conditional, BBQ pit, individual kitchen, bathroom & toilet  

HOUSE 7 (20 PAX) - TV, fridge, air-conditional, BBQ pit, individual kitchen, bathroom & toilet  

BARRACK 1-10 (4 PAX EACH) - Air-conditional, BBQ pit, individual kitchen & bathroom  

Reservation & Inquiries SEMATAN RESORT SDN BHD 124, Lorong 16, Jalan Stampin, Kuching 8 60 82 451 188 / 60 82 461 188 / 6019 8172326 / 6016 8626266  


Sematan Town

This small coastal fishing village is located in western strip of Sarawak in the Lundu Division.

107 km northwest of Kuching, Sematan is an idyllic beach town and noted as the beginning point for the Pan Borneo Highway. It’s also a gateway to locations around Southwest Sarawak.

More about Sematan Town

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