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Sematan District

Palm Beach Resort, Sematan
Big boys enjoying their beach time at Palm Beach Resort, Sematan

a town at the most western end of Sarawak. Till 2018 this is the starting point of Pan-Borneo Highway

Jangkar Waterfall

Stunning and beautiful Jangkar Waterfall is located at Kampung Jangkar reachable via Jalan Biawak toward Indonesian boarder.

Park you car at Kampung Jantan and another 2 hours trekking through plantations and jungle. Before Kpg. Jantan is Kpg Jangkar.

Mountain Gunung Pueh
Winding paths through forest, rocks, streams and waterfalls. Selakau longhouse tucked into a quiet valley nearby.

Sematan is outdoor enthusiast’s heaven for mountain bikers. Mountain Riders go up and down mountain paths, across small streams as well as cycling along the firm sand on the tide line.

Sematan Beach
Reached via Jalan Lundu-Sematan. Collectively called Sematan Beach including Abang Amin Beach, Sungai Kilong Beach and Pueh Beach. Shallow crystal clear water along the beach makes Sematan a safe swimming heaven. The long white yellow beach stretching from Sematan all the way to Tanjung Datu at the western most cape of Borneo.

Budget Accommodation on the beach : Dynawood
Telok Melano Beach
The secluded beach of Telok Melano Fishing Village can only be reach by 2 hours boat from Sematan. Boats services are infrequent and inaccessible during the monsoon months of November to March. From Telok Melano Beach visitors can explore further  to Tanjung Datu National Park by 2 hours jungle trail or 30 minutes boat ride.

Only Accommodation : Telok Melano Homestay
Tanjung Datu National Park
Located at the south-western tip of Sarawak and  is accessible only by boat from Sematan and via Telok Melano Trail from the fishing village of Telok Melano.

Tanjung Datu Park has very nice beach. Can stay at the village or the national park. The beach is nesting place for the marine turtles since it’s mostly devoid of human footprints.
Talang-Satang National Park
on Talang-Talang Island

Turtle Sanctuary which comprise of
1- Talang-Talang Island
2- Pulau Satang
3- Ara Banun Wildlife Sanctuary.

Talang-Talang Island is accessible by boats from Sematan Town.

Silk Farm
Prefer officially organized visit. Individual drop in is not so welcomed

The only silk producing farm in Malaysia. Located in Sematan and operated by Zuhrah Pelangi Sdn. Bhd. Produce high quality silk from silkworm.

Samunsam Wildlife Sanctuary
not popular park destination but exceptional for bird lovers.

Located North-West of Lundu within Gunung Pueh Forest Reserve. Accessible via Lundu-Sematan Road on the way to Sematan. A good site for bird watching.

2,239 kilometer-long
Pan-Borneo Highway

The Pan-Borneo Highway was built in 1986 to link the two East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. As of today, the Pan-Borneo Highway is 93 percent completed, with a remainder of a 50-kilometre missing link from Kalabakan to Serudong.

It begins in the district of Sematan in Sarawak, and passes through Kuching, Serian, Sri Aman, Sarikei, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri, Limbang, Lawas, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Tawau.

Sri Aman Town is off the Pan Borneo Highway

Between Sabah and Sarawak, the highway passed through two halves of  Brunei.


Accommodation in
Sematan Town 三馬丹

Sematan Hotel (三马丹旅社)
Sematan Bazaar
Tel/Fax : (+60)82-711162 no reply again
+60 16-808 1113 Call this number

The hotel is in a private property with private car park. At night the gate is closed, so it is safe for car owner to leave their car here while going to Telok Melano and Tanjung Batu.

Rm 110

Dynawood Beach Stay, Sematan
Kampung Siru, Jalan Sungai Kilong    Sematan, Sarawak. Kampung Pueh, 3Km ?from Sematan Town Bus Station
Tel : (+60)82-573598 HP : (+60)16-808113/8023939 
Liana 013-5743225 non-English speaking
Lan 013-8177601
Rm 70.00 Tree House

Holiday Chalet Sematan
Jalan Sungai Kilong, Sematan
(+60)82-712476 HP : (+60)12-8923535
Office : Senett Travel Agencies Sdn Bhd
Wisma Bidar, 169-169A Jalan Satok, 93400 Kuching
Tel : (+60)82-256012
Reservation & Inquiries : 082-322 899,  013-8009717

DETACHED CHALET (Type A - 7 pax) - 5 units
SEMI-DETACHED CHALET (Type B, C, D - 6 pax each) - 6 unit each
SEA FRONT BUNGALOW - 6 pax) - 10 units


Sematan Palm Beach Resort
Lot 295, Kampung Sungai Kilong, Jalan Seacom, 
Sematan, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel : (+60)82-712388/711808 Fax : (+60)82-711788
Email :

Also has an apartment at
Nomad Sematan Resort
3-Bedroom Apartment for 6 persons.
- RM560/night with dinner & breakfast for 6 persons on weekdays (check in: Sunday-Thursday)
- RM620/night with dinner & breakfast for 6 persons on weekends (check in: Friday, Saturday, Eve of holiday & Public Holidays)

Rm 100 - Rm 620
Room or
Chalet or
Kampong Tanah Hitam Homestay
Run by Mr. Monir Bin Ahim at Kampong Tanah Hitam, Sematan.
+6-082-711088 or +6-017-8070463.
Encik Monir Bin Ahim
Tel: +6016-8551793 / +6010-5070456
Pueh Longhouse Homestay
not a popular accommodation

Located near the coastal town of Sematan with 14 participating houses. 11 Km from Sematan town center via the same road to Dynawood Resort but another 2 km further to the end. This longhouse homestay belonged to the Bidayuh Selako ethnic which is mostly found in Pueh enclave.
Mr. Meot ak Nuber
+6-014-8788252 English speaking
+6-082-711101 - no reply
Mr. Jehim anak Milos
+ 6013 827 4967

Rm 120 per head.

3 meals.
Fan, hot shower.

Sematan Resort (三馬丹渡假村)
Resort closed business since 2010
   Sematan, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Tel : (+60)82-461188 HP : (+60)12-8875822
Email : bryan.ting@lukshun.comThis former Sematan Resort just on the road side. After about 3 minutes from the Sematan market.
closed business years ago
REST HOUSE - RM40 per day (air-conditioned) RM20 per day (non air-conditioned)
HOSTEL - RM1 per person (student) RM2 per person (youth group) RM5 per person (adult)
LECTURE HALL - RM50 per day  
CONFERENCE HALL - RM150 per day  
Reservation a Inquiries
   Sematan, Sarawak 8 60 82 712 040 / 60 82 712 245 60 82 712 069

Those who visit Sematan Town will also first pass through Lundu Town

The two beach resorts in Sematan Town
1- Palm Beach Resort 三馬丹棕櫚灘渡假村
2- Dynawood Beach Stay 農牧海濱渡假村

Stingless Bees Farm in Sematan Town
Photo above : Boxes for honey pots in a farm in Sematan next to Dynawood Beach Resort

Stingless Bees (Kelulut Bees) Farm in Sematan Town

The rearing of stingless bees is new in Sabah and Sarawak

They breeds stingless bees to get the propolis which can “promote healing and regeneration of tissues.

It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory functions and protect the body from oxygen free radical damage, …useful as healing agent and application for home remedies such as honey, soap and balm”.
In Malaysian market the price is RM100 per kg
Trigona bees are not dangerous to children and are fascinating to watch. They are much smaller at about 0.5cm in size, and have a slimmer body. Stingless bees don’t whizz around, these bees seemingly more relaxed and do not make you feel as tense with their lack of sting during an encounter.

A life-style health food enthusiastic may "drink fresh honey" by simply suck with a straw directly from a bee hive in his backyard.


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