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1 AMMA Foundation Study Loan
To provide disadvantaged students and orphans with a range of resources that include interest free study loans and free tuition programmes.

Scholarship Announcement

To: Presidents of Affiliates / Samajams and all interested Students

AMMA Foundation is proud to announce the AF- HELP Scholarship Awards for Y 2014-2015. This scholarship announcement is for students / applicants intending to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses at HELP University.

AMMA Foundation has managed to secure partial (25% and 50%) scholarships for Masters Programs and for Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

The attached brochure explains in detail the scholarships that are available including the eligibility criteria and the application procedure. AMMA Foundation invites deserving students to apply for the scholarship program.

Kindly note that the student has to obtain entrance for the relevant course based on its eligibility requirements or should already be pursuing one of the mentioned courses at HELP University prior to applying for the scholarship program. The final selection of the candidate will be based on the recommendation of the Scholarship Committee and Help University.

The AMMA Foundation strives to create and provide opportunities for students who are financially challenged to pursue higher education. The AF- HELP Scholarship Awards is one such result of our effort. The AF Board is actively pursuing collaboration with other institutions of higher learning to provide scholarships (either full or partial) for deserving students.

We would like to seek your cooperation in helping us to disseminate the information to the members of your respective Affiliate/Samajam and your friends and colleagues.

Thank You.
Sincerely yours,
Sathian Menon
Chairman, Scholarship Committee
AMMA Foundation

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