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Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar

Founded in 1991, Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar (KTJ) is one of Asia's few independent and co-educational secondary boarding schools based on the British system. Our aim is to combine the best of the British independent school system characterized by its traditions of academic excellence and character development with the educational needs of Malaysia and the Asian region.

KTJ is the brainchild of the members of the Negeri Sembilan royal family - YAM Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja'afar Tunku Laxamana Negeri Sembilan, YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran ibni Tuanku Ja'afar and YAM Tunku Dora Tunku Tan Sri Naquiah binti Tuanku Ja'afar - who wished to establish a first-class educational centre based in Malaysia.

The Unique Boarding Experience  

The Boarding houses stand at the heart of the College community and this unique pastoral system is the very essence of life and success of the College. Professional pastoral care and control are in the hands of experienced and dedicated Housemasters and Housemistresses. They are supported by House Tutors thereby providing additional encouragement and guidance for pupils.

Health provision is seen as important in the creation of a caring community and each house has a full-time resident Matron. The College is also highly regarded for the duality of its catering provision. Laundry is collected and delivered regularly by professional laundry services.

The Diverse Community

Students arrive from various countries and diverse backgrounds from many areas of South-East Asia such as Indonesia/ Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, KTJ also has links with other regions in Asia and Europe. Altogether approximately eighteen countries are represented and it is this mixture of cultures which gives KTJ its special atmosphere, enabling us to promote and develop harmony as central to our educational ethos.

Academic Strengths

Our special staff-student ratio and small class size mean that teachers have the time to attend to the needs of every individual student, be they academic or pastoral. Our objective is to help young people develop into confident, loyal and personable adults capable of high achievement. We believe in the Pursuit of Excellence', and one of our main aspirations is to contribute to making Malaysia a centre of academic excellence.

Equipping Students for the Future

KTJ prepares students for the Information Age with modernize teaching and learning, from their committed investment in Information Communication Technology (ICT). KTJ appreciates the importance of cross-curricular ICT strategies which will be constantly updated and employed.

Fluency in ICT

The aim in KTJ is not just to instill computer literacy amongst students but for computer fluency in them. That is why computer classes are taught to all year

groups. In addition, KTJ offers Cambridge A Level Computing/ Cambridge '0' Level Computer Studies and SPM Information Technology. All students have use of an individual computer during lessons.

Programme Outline

The curriculum is designed to maximize choice for the students whilst ensuring a full and thorough grounding in the core science and arts subjects.

Students also prepare for the challenges of the entrepreneurial world through the social sciences subjects like Economics, Accounting, Business Studies and Commerce.

Secondary (Forms 1 -5)

KTJ runs two parallel streams up to Form 5, i.e., the KBSM Malaysian Stream and the International Stream. In the Malaysian stream, students follow the Government syllabus and sit for the PMR and SPM examinations at ages 14/15 and 16/17 respectively. The International Stream students work towards Cambridge and London '0' Levels or International GCSE examinations in Form 5.

'A' Levels  

Students from both the Malaysian and International streams study A' levels in the Lower and Upper Sixth forms.

Foundation Course in Art and Design

This one-year Art Foundation course combines the study of both theoretical and practical aspects of Art and Design, and is endorsed by the University of Central England, UK.

English Language Unit (ELU)

Students with little or no English proficiency can enroll in this course, which is specially designed to offer maximum exposure of the language to a small number of students.

Academic Facilities

KTJ enjoys facilities unlike those in any other schools in the country The range and quality of the facilities are aimed at providing the best quality, all round education for students and to enable them to explore their abilities and build on their strengths, be they academic, artistic, musical, sporting or personal. Specialized facilities and the latest infrastructure at KTJ include wireless Internet accessibility in Computer Labs, Sixth Form Centre, well- stocked Library, Classrooms, Boarding houses, sports & recreational facilities, and a swimming pool.

The library service works closely with the computing and media services to provide students with all the learning resources that they require. There are over 16,000 books (a current ratio of 30 books to each student) which cover a wide range of subjects such as philosophy, religion, social and pure sciences, technology, arts and all kinds of fiction, with subscribed key local and international magazines and newspapers.

Multi-media Support

The library also has an extensive catalogue of slides, maps, photographs, CD Roms, VCDs, Video and Audio tapes and Internet terminals for the free use of the students.

The Art Studios

These contain a selection of materials and facilities for a range of media from painting to printmaking to pottery. The department is also well-equipped with the latest computer technology for Graphic Design.

Student Support Services

A comprehensive academic support service ensures individual attention for academic or personal concerns. KTJ endeavors to channel students into careers that best suit their abilities and ambitions.

The Careers Service

The Careers Service is staffed by three teachers who provide guidance for all students in the top four years of the school. The Careers Room, based in the Sixth Form Centre, is open to all upper school students on a regular basis. The room houses a growing library of information on career choices in addition to an extensive range of university prospectuses. The careers team organizes a major annual Careers Convention which plays host to selected keynote career speakers. Many international agencies representing universities and professional bodies also stage presentations during that day The aim of this convention is to provide KTJ's students with up-to-date information so that they can make informed choices about their future.

Boarding Houses

All KTJ students live in boarding houses with a system that exists in most Britain Boarding Schools. Living amongst contemporaries in a friendly environment is not only fun but also helps to develop the important qualities of self-awareness, respect and teamwork.

Societies, Clubs and Sports

KTJ's students also actively participate in the numerous societies, clubs, and indoor and outdoor activities, such as Astronomy; Malay Language & Cultural Club; Buddhist

Society; Christian Fellowships; Computer Club, KTJ Band; Islamic Society; French Language Club; Dance Club; Malaysian History Club; Stamp and Hobbies Club; Aerobics; Cricket; Golf; Hockey; Sepak Takraw; Squash; and Swimming.

Exeat (leave-out)

About every three weeks/ an exeat (leave- out) takes place, whereby students who wish to venture outside the college may do so, while those who wish to stay in are also allowed to as there will be resident staff on duty. On other weekends, special lectures, outings and other activities for the students would be arranged.

Scholarships / Financial Aid

W Level and Post-PMR scholarships are offered, which cover tuition fees for five terms and six terms respectively In addition, a small number of awards are available from Form I,


A total of 36 students (14 -18 years of age) have successfully completed their Bronze level of the International Youth Award, which is a development programme of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award comprising three levels, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold, and is open to young people between the ages of 14 and 25.

Students from KTJ have consistently been accepted by many prestigious and blue- chip universities around the world. In public examinations, our students also show outstanding overall results.

KTJ is affiliated to the Local Schools Sports Council (MSSM) and the International Schools (Sports) Association Kuala Lumpur (ISAKL). The results achieved by teams and individuals are testimony to the enthusiasm, commitment and talent of the students.

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