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Employees Provident Fund (Account II) Withdrawal Scheme for Education

Withdraw amount :  Amount up to the total fees or the entire balance in Account II, whichever is lower.
Academic Eligibility :  SPM/STPM


This scheme allows qualified EPF members to withdraw their savings from the second account to
finance either their study or their children’s study. The purpose is to finance education fees (which
includes tutorials fees, practical training fees, lab fees, library fees), hostel fees and flight fees and flight
tickets only.

You are eligible to apply if you are:
· A Malaysian citizen; or
· A Permanent Resident; or
· A Malaysian citizen who have withdrawn your savings under Leaving The Country Withdrawal
before 1 August 1995 but subsequently returned and re-contribute to EPF; or
· A Non-Malaysian citizen (Expatriate) who became a member of the EPF before 1 August 1998.
You need to have savings in your Account II and you must also have not reached 55 years of age on the
date the application is received by the EPF. You must have remaining balance in your Account II to be
eligible to apply because all education-related withdrawals are made against your Account II.

You are eligible to withdraw your savings as follows, whichever is lower:
· The amount of education fees; or
· All of your Account II savings.
You can choose to determine the amount you wish to withdraw from your savings in Account II,
subject to the maximum amount you are entitled to withdrawal by completing "Surat Akujanji Pilihan
Amaun Pengeluaran".
You can also apply for this withdrawal jointly with your spouse to finance your children's education.

You may apply this withdrawal to pay the education fees for:
· Every semester; or
· Every academic year (one time withdrawal in an academic year).
You can apply for this withdrawal once in every semester / academic year / the overall module fees for
each of your child.

 You or your children must have registered with the college which is approved by the
Institute of Higher Learning.

· Completed KWSP 9H (AHL) form and bring along the following documents.
 Public Identification Card / Military Identification Card / MyKad
 Letter of Offer from THE OTOMOTIF COLLEGE(for the first application only);
 Academic qualification certificates such as SPM, STPM, Degree and other related
 Approval letter to conduct the programme issued by the Private Education Department,
Ministry Of Higher Education (PED-MHE) to the private Institute of Higher Learning
which has not been awarded a university status (for learning program in private
Institute of Higher Learning only);
 Student card and examination result slip for previous semester / academic year (for
application of second semester / year and subsequent withdrawals only);
 Other related documents as requested by the EPF from time to time.

· Additional Documents (original and photocopies):
For Children’s Education Withdrawal Identification Card and Birth Certificate of your
1. Your marriage certificate (if you and your spouse apply for a joint withdrawal).

If you have any enquiry or require further information regarding this withdrawal please contact:
· Any nearest EPF Office
· EPF Call Management Centre at 03-8732 6000

Please quote your EPF membership number or your Identity Card number and the type of withdrawal
that you have applied for when you contact the EPF. You are encouraged to contact the EPF directly for
assistance and advice.

EPF Withdrawal Scheme For Education

Eligibility Criteria

EPF members and/or EPF member's children
Full time enrolled student of Curtin Sarawak Malaysia
Applicants to liaise directly with the nearest EPF offices

Amount Of Award & Duration

Amount up to the total fees or the entire balance in Account II, whichever is lower
Members may apply for withdrawal for each academic year provided there are sufficient funds in Account II

Forms Availability / Address

Refer to the nearest EPF Office at applicant's respective town
Mr Noorazman Abdullah
Penolong Pengurus
Bahagian Pengawasan Pengeluaran
Jabatan Khidmat Ahli
Tingkat 11, Bangunan KWSP
Jalan Raja Laut
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-26946391

The withdrawal scheme allows EPF members to withdraw from their account 2 of the EPF Fund to pay tuition fees for their children or for themselves to pursue further studies at any local or overseas higher educational institution.
Withdrawals for a member's children's education were introduced on 1 April 2000 and for member's education on 2 January 2001.

Applicant s Eligibility
• Members are allowed to apply for withdrawal if they or their children are not receiving any full or partial scholarship/financial aid for education from any organizations.
• In the case where a member or their children obtains a study loan, withdrawal can be made to settle the outstanding balance of study loan only on further condition that the Study Loan Agreement is executed on or after the effective date of this Education Withdrawal.

Purpose of Withdrawal
Withdrawal can only be done for the following purposes:
• To make payment for tertiary study fees (which includes tuition, practical training, computer laboratory and library fees, thesis examination fees, and final examination fees), and
• Flight tickets for the purpose of traveling To the place of study

Conditions for withdrawal of Fund
> Type of Courses
Applicants / or their children must have registered for any academic / professional / vocational courses at one of the institutions of higher learning mentioned below.

> Levels of Education
This withdrawal can be used to pursue one of the following programmes:

Members :
Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, PhD or any of the its equivalent

Member's children :
Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, PhD or any of its equivalent


> Courses that are allowed under the EPF Withdrawal Scheme

• Local/ Higher Educational Institutions
(a) Academic Courses pursued either full time, part time or through distance learning
Courses of study that are offered by:
i) Public universities;
ii) Government institutions of higher learning such as polytechnics and community colleges or any other higher education institutions under the jurisdiction of Central or State Government agencies;
iii) Private higher educational institutions approved by the Private Higher Education Management Sector, Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) or the National Accreditation Board (LAN/MQA);
iv) Branch campuses of foreign universities established in Malaysia
(b) Professional Courses
Courses of study that are approved by the Training Division, Public Services Department (PSD) or any olher education accreditation board which are recognised by the Government to be at par with a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Bachelor's Degree.
(c) Skilled / Vocational Courses
i) Courses recognised by 'Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan (MLVK)' to be at par with a Diploma (Level 4) and Bachelor's Degree (Level 5)
ii) Commercial Pilot Licence with Instrument Rating Course (CPL/IR) with Frozen ATPL offered by the Flying Academy which is approved by Jabatan Penerbangan Awam Malaysia
iii) Master and Chief Mate on Ship Of 3000 GT or more offered by Akademi Laul Malaysia IALAM)
iv) Combined Chief And Second Engineer 3000 KW or more offered by ALAM

Overseas Higher Educational Institutions
Withdrawal is allowed for full-time study courses pursued abroad offered by overseas higher educational institutions, subject to the approved level of education.

Distance Learning and On-line Programmes with Higher Educational Institutions Abroad
Withdrawal is allowed for distance learning/online programmes that are conducted by overseas institutions in collaboration with local private institutions which are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. Courses pursued directly with overseas institutions or through a local agent will not be considered.

Professional Courses
Professional courses approved by the Public Services Department (PSD) such as ACCA & CIMA and other approved courses which involve lecturer-student face to face learning interaction can also be considered under the withdrawal scheme.

Franchised Programmes
Public universities' franchised study programmes conducted by private higher educational institutions
Overseas institutions' franchised study courses conducted by local private higher educational institutions which hove the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education