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Perdana International Scholarship Programme is a scholarship for international students to pursue a higher education in Malaysian universities.

This Scholaship is funded by the Malaysian Government under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) and administered by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The awards were initiated to provide overseas young students of excellent academic co-curriculum background an opportunity to pursue Bachelor’s Degree in Malaysian public and private universities.


To be eligible for an award applicants must:
• Be citizens of the MTCP’s participating countries
• Excellent in co-curriculum activities with proven record
• Meet the University’s academic selection criteria and English Language requirement
• Have completed minimum of 12 years of successful study with good passing grades
• Be in good health and be certified fit medically by a certified Doctor/ Medical Professional of the bilateral partner country. The cost of medical examination is to be borne by the applicants
• Not more than 21 years of age by 1st July 2006
How To Apply  
Field of study Field of studies are in the following priority areas:
• Business and Finance
• Science and Engineering
• Creative Science and Technology
• Agricultural Science
• Linguistic
Other areas of interest may be considered depending on the availability of the place offered by the universities.
AWARD VALUE Scholarships are awarded for three or four years of full-time undergraduate degree. The scholarship funding covers tuition fees, monthly living allowance, travel allowance, book allowance and accommodation allowance. Detailed benefits include:
• A return economy class air ticket from recipient’s capital city to Malaysia once at the beginning and once at the end of the course;
• Approved tuition and compulsory university fees will be paid directly to the respective University;
• Maintenance allowance of MYR 500 per month;
• An annual book allowance of MYR 328 per year;
• Thesis allowance of MYR 246 (if required) once throughout the course;
• Practical training allowance of RM16.00 per day will be paid to students who are required to do practical training at places outside a radius of 25 km from the University;
• Settlement allowance payable once at the beginning of the course;
• Termination grant payable once at the end of the course;
• Expenses for Medical and Dental Treatment in government hospitals/clinics will be borne by the Government of Malaysia; and
• Travelling allowance of MYR 300 per annum for travelling within Malaysia.
The following conditions apply to all scholarship holders:
• The scholarships are awarded conditional upon gaining entry to an undergraduate degree programme at selected Malaysian universities.
• The scholarships are awarded to the applicants applying the accredited undergraduate courses in Malaysian public and private universities. However such awards are not available for undergraduate programmes offered by branch campuses of foreign university in Malaysia.
• Scholarship holders must not change their degree programme during tenure of the scholarship except with written permission from their university and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.
• Scholarship holders must follow the approved programmes and abide by the university’s rules, regulations and codes of conduct. Any suspension from the university will result in immediate suspension of the award. Monthly allowances are not payable during suspension.
• Scholarship holders are responsible for securing an appropriate entry visa, including medical examination.
• Scholarship holders must maintain satisfactory progress and good standing as stipulated by their host university and degree programme, or the scholarship will be withdrawn.
• Scholarship holders are not allowed to take any paid employment in Malaysia during their tenure.
• The awards provide no financial support for spouse or other dependents.
All applications must be submitted through and endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any nominating agencies of the MTCP’s participating countries. The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia will finalise the selection process.
Applicants should complete the application form (3 copies) attached with this document. The following documentation must be attached with the application form:
• A certified copy of the applicant’s current passport showing evidence of citizenship;
• The applicant’s academic record, testimonials and/or references relating to the relevant study, research or work experience; and
• A letter from certified doctor declaring the applicant’s good health.
Every application must be endorsed by the respective recipient’s Government and submitted to the Malaysian Government Representatives in the country in which the applicant has his/her permanent home; or send direct to The Secretary General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Malaysia, Wisma Putra, No: 1, 62602 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
All applications must reach the Malaysian Government Representatives (or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia) not later than 30th April, 2006. Application received after this date would not be considered.
For enquiries, PLEASE either request or write directly to the nearest Malaysian Diplomatic Mission or the following address:

• Scholarship Division
Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia
Level 5, Block E3, Parcel E, Precinct 1 Federal Government Administration Centre, 62505, PUTRAJAYA, MALAYSIA
website:   e-mail:

Perdana Scholarship for Malaysian  


The Director
Perdana Scholarship Secretariat
Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS)
1, Persiaran Sultan Salahuddin, P.O Box 12424
50778 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603-2693 9366 (Ext.111); Fax: 603-2691 5435
(Haji Mohamed Md. Ibrahim)


·          Applicants for the Master programme must have a first class honours degree or its equivalent.

·          Applicants for the Ph.D. programme must have a good Masters degree.

·          Applicants for the Master programme must not be more than 35 years old, and those for the Ph.D. programme must not be more than 40 years old, as the 1st July of the year. Applicants must be persons of exceptional calibre and character.

How To Apply

·          The Perdana Scholarships Application Forms which can be obtained from above contact.

·          Application forms may also be obtained by sending a self-addressed envelope measuring 23 cm x 16 cm with a RM0.50 stamp on it or via e-mail.

Field of study

Masters or Doctoral programmes in all fields of studies

Time of application